From the Northwest & Beyond: Syrian Refugee Quilts

These 155 quilts and 34 baby quilts are going overseas to No Man’s Land (a strip of land between Jordan and Syria). They were put aboard a container ship the first of April to make the month long journey to the 75,000 Syrian Refugees living there.   Some time during the middle to end of May they were delivered to the Refugees. The container was full of many other supplies that are desperately needed there.

Also if you scroll to the very end, there are pictures from Rita and some of the refugee quilts that had been distributed to a National School for Disadvantaged Children.

Thank you to all of our quilters for the beautiful and colorful quilts that traveled there. You can see the pictures below and click on them to see who made and quilted them.  I know they will be loved and cherished by the children who receive them!!

First the baby quilts:

Now the children’s quilts:

From Rita Zawaideh of the Salam Cultural Museum:  I thought you might want to share with your members pictures of the distribution of Quilts that arrived in the last container that were distributed at National School for Disadvantaged kids – Syrian, Palestinian and Jordanian. We did a distribution of 200 quilts at the school. Look at the kids and the teachers faces as they are giving this to the kids. Thank you so much for everything that you and your members are doing.

This was a long post, but oh so worth it!  Thanks everyone.

Susan Schmidt     Northwest Regional Coordinator


4 Responses to “From the Northwest & Beyond: Syrian Refugee Quilts”

  1. Carol E Says:

    Wow! Great pictures and great news!

  2. Kate Says:

    Susan, such a wonderful post. The Sunshine Online Quilt Guild is all abuzz finding their quilts in this long post and identifying them. Oh it must have taken you forever – but it is SO very inspiring, and is sending us all straight to our sewing machines to sew more quilts ! What a great partnership. Thank you.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Hi Susan! Beautiful quilts and wonderful photos of the families. Thanks so much for all you do to make this happen! You are amazing! Very inspiring!

  4. Susan Schmidt Says:

    Thank you all for the kind comments. I would never be able to do this job without the wonderful support and beautiful quilts made by all the quilters who help QBB. It truly is an honor to serve children and others who cherish and love our quilts! Keep quilting!!


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