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From the Northwest and Beyond: Camp Heartland

September 18, 2017

We were so excited to provide these 40 quilts to Camp Heartland. They will be going to a camp for children who have or are affected by AIDS and homeless teens they are helping in Minnesota. The patterns, colors and quilting will be enjoyed and cherished by children who have so appreciated our quilts in the past.  Click on each picture to see who made and quilted them.

I feel so blessed to have so many quilters in my group who are so supportive and helpful when there is a need. They faithfully provide tops, quilts and quilting throughout the year. We are a growing group who has a heart for QBB and children around the world. You all are the best!!

Susan Schmidt  Northwest Regional Coordinator


August FQ Challenge Quilts

September 12, 2017

For the month of August we received 3 quilts for the FQ Challenge and one of those quilts made by Sarah Wilkinson from Kingman, AZ, a Sunshine member,  was the randomly chosen winner of the $25 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop.  Congratulations Sarah!

Sarah submitted two quilts in August for the challenge.  They are so bright and cheerful.

Aug FQC - S Wilkinson

We also received this lovely quilt from Karisa Harriman of Yucaipa, CA.


Thanks to Sarah and Karisa for their quilts.  They will be sent out this year in support of one of our initiatives.  And a big thanks to Fat Quarter Shop for their continued support of our program.

Remember the FQ Challenge ends September 30th, so if you still have a FQ, please get your quilt in by September 30 to be considered for the monthly challenge and the year end $100 cash winner.

Cheers! Tina


Comfort for Many Needy People from Many Generous Quilters

September 1, 2017

It is almost a gut reaction for quilters when we hear about any catastrophe. We want to sit down at our machines and make a beautiful quilt to comfort the victims of the disaster. When I started hearing about Hurricane Harvey this was on my mind too.

But I also remembered talking to one of my friends who watched disaster relief donations being thrown from a truck into a crowd of Hurricane Katrina survivors. She watched a quilt made for a child, thrown into the air, caught by a man who looked at it, realized he didn’t want it, and tossed it on. Eventually the quilt ended up in the mud, trampled by the crowd, useless to anyone.  The harsh truth is that disaster relief responders don’t typically have the time or the manpower in the early days of the disaster to go through every donation and determine who might best benefit from receiving it, and make sure each donation is delivered directly into the arms of the most appropriate receiver.

And often well-meaning donors send items which aren’t precisely suited to what the disaster refugees need. Right now the temperatures in Houston are in the 80’s and 90’s, which isn’t really quilt weather for most of us. I have spoken to several of our volunteers in the Houston area who have told me that the shelters are most in need of things like toiletries, baby clothes, diapers, formula, pet crates, and new underwear and sox in all sizes. And even better, if you can donate money, they can buy the things they actually need for the people they are sheltering. Here is a list of direct service providers accepting clothing, supplies, and other in-kind donations in addition to cash.

The Way Home Houston

Based upon feedback from our volunteers living in Houston, Quilts Beyond Borders will be waiting until after the immediate disaster is over, and once those who can return to their homes have done so, we will be sending quilts to shelters for homeless women and children who have been affected by the storm.

In the meantime, we will continue with our current initiatives, which include:

  • Providing quilts to One Heart Baltimore (Backpack Rescue) to be put into backpacks for children and youths who have been rescued from sex traffickers;
  • Providing quilts to Maya Midwifery International, Inc., which provides services to needy women in Guatemala and their newborns;
  • Our on-going efforts to provide quilts to Syrian refugee children living in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Greece;
  • Providing quilts to needy elders and children in the Navajo Nation.

Below are some of the beautiful quilts we have received recently which are going to some of those efforts and may be going to Houston as well.  With the exception of one quilt made by Brenda Barnett with blocks made by Hollis McWright, all of these quilts were pieced by Jill, Linda, Nancy and Michelle of St. James the Less Episcopal Church in Northfield, IL, and quilted by members of the Northern Illinois Longarm Guild, Judy White, Marilyn M, Connie & Aileen, Nancy Mueller, Nancy Panozzo, Nancy Sturgeon & Bev, Barb, Rose S and Debby Connor.  Please hover your cursor over the quilt to see who made each of them, and click on them for a closer look.

Great thanks to all the wonderful quilters who created these beautiful quilts.  We’ll keep you advised as we learn about appropriate initiatives for us to donate quilts to Houston during the recovery.

Best regards,