From the Northwest and Beyond – Navajo Nation Christmas Delivery

Once again we provided quilts for the Christmas delivery to children and the elderly in the Navajo Nation. They went to 6 different areas in Arizona in time for the cold winter weather. We have heard the quilts were received with appreciation and excitement for all the beautiful quilts we sent. As an organization we were able to meet our goal of 500 quilts to the Navajo Nation for 2017 and our Northwest regional group sent 167 of these. We know that pictures were taken of the deliveries and they will be posted as soon as we have received them. You can see the pictures of the quilts we sent below and you can click on the picture to see who made and quilted each quilt.

Thanks to all of you for the beautiful quilts and sharing your gifts and talents to help provide warmth to all who received them. I hope your holidays were filled with joy and happy times with family and friends. Thanks again for all you do and your support!

– Susan Schmidt, Northwest Regional Coordinator


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