The Guatemala Project

In a village near Chichicastanago in Guatemala, many people burn wood in their houses for warmth and cooking.  The stoves they have are not ventilated and the people breathe the smoke from the fires every day.  As you can see the floors are dirt.
The Guatemala Project ( installs safer stoves in several homes each year.  These are special stoves which are ventilated so the people can breathe clean air in their homes.
Earlier this year, thirty-one quilts from QBB were distributed to these families and widows during a trip to install stoves. The quilts will bring warmth to the families and especially the children.
During the civil war in Guatemala in the 1980s, the men of the village were called to a meeting in a local church.  They were asked to join the army to fight in the war.  When the men refused to join, the soldiers locked the doors and set the church building on fire.  That fire took the lives of the 40 men who went to the meeting.
The widows of those men formed a co-op.  They do weaving and embroidery to support themselves.  These women prepared lunch for the people who provided and installed the stoves.  Quilts were given to some of the women.  Their smiles tell how grateful they were.
Thanks to so many generous people who send quilts to QBB, there will be smiles on the faces of these people.  Your quilts will be used and cherished by these people for many years.  Thank you all for your time and talent and especially your generosity.

-Ann Drake


2 Responses to “The Guatemala Project”

  1. Louise Hornor Says:

    What a powerful story of loss these women have endured! I’m so glad that the quilts bright some warmth and brightness into their lives.

  2. From the Northwest and Beyond – Quilts for Guatemala | Quilts Beyond Borders Says:

    […] safer stoves for families in their homes. You can read more about this project by going to our June 18, 2018 post. Click on the pictures below to see who made and quilted the […]

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