500 Eid Quilts for El Cajon Refugees

El Cajon (in San Diego County, California) has a large number of refugees settled there, mostly from Syria and Afghanistan.  The Facebook group ‘Helping El Cajon Refugees’ is assisting families who have settled there, including 500-700 children.  Some of you may know that we recently observed the month of Ramadan, the major Muslim holiday season, which culminates in the day of Eid when people break their fasts, celebrate, and give presents to children, like Christians do at Christmas.

The group had a storage locker which contained almost $10,000 worth of toys and clothing for the children to be given on Eid.  Unfortunately someone broke in to the storage locker, vandalized it and stole almost everything.  So when Roberta Katheiser, a QBB volunteer, saw the news story and approached them to ask if they might be interested in some quilts for the children, they were very excited about the possibility.

Roberta and other volunteers quickly took action and coordinated three huge deliveries of 500 QBB quilts in time for Eid. The recipients and the families who care for them had tears in their eyes, they were so happy to receive this donation. All the El Cajon volunteers that came to pick them up were astounded not only with the quantity, but also the hard work and love put into each quilt.

To say we over delivered is a understatement. Much appreciation goes out to all the QBB members who made the quilts, and got them to us in such a short time. We even made the news, as part of stories highlighting how the community rallied with donations and support after the theft. QBB quilts are pictured in both links below!

News story 1: https://www.10news.com/news/group-gets-big-donation-to-help-refugee-families 

News video and story:


To accomplish this, our Regional Coordinators and volunteers from around the country all chipped in, please enjoy just a small sample of quilts that went to El Cajon below.

Photos from Regional Coordinator Sherree Newhouse, click on each photo to enlarge and see the makers’ names:

Quilts by Dianne Combs via Carla Triemer:

Quilts by Carlson Family:

Click on the four quilts below to see the creators.  They are by Ann D.,  Debby C., Jan from MO, Betsy & Skye, Helen and the ladies of St. James the Less in Northfield, IL:

Quilts by Audrey Murphey:



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    […] bring joy to children after the theft of gifts intended for them to celebrate Eid. Please see the post on July 10, 2018 for the full details and information about this delivery. You can click on each picture to see who […]

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