Royal Family Kids Camp

Early this year Quilts Beyond Borders received a request for 42 quilts to share with some campers attending a Royal Family KIDS Camp this summer in central Iowa.  The primary purpose of Royal Family KIDS camps is to give foster children ages 6-12 a week of positive memories and royal treatment in a Christian camp environment.

When a kid goes to Royal Family KIDS Camp they receive attention and encouragement from an adult camp counselor and his/her “buddy camper”. In addition, each camper is also exposed to a variety of fun activities, designed for their success and to build self-esteem. For most of these children, it’s the best week of the year – a special time when they can focus on having fun and enjoy being a kid.

The counselors met and chose a quilt specifically for their campers and presented them to the children in a special ceremony.  The campers were thrilled when they learned they could take the quilts home when camp was over with their name added to the label! Here are some photos of campers with the quilts and one photo of a camper and buddy admiring the intricate piecing and quilting in her quilt.

Sherree Newhouse – Regional Coordinator


One Response to “Royal Family Kids Camp”

  1. Louise Hornor Says:

    Love that photo of the girl resting her head on her quilt!

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