Quilts for Giles County

Since moving to SW Virginia in lovely Giles County in 2016, I looked for opportunities for Quilts Beyond Borders to provide quilts to children in the area.  I was lucky to find a very active group called Giles Early Education Project (GEEP).   “This group began in 2012 spurred on by the grim statistics of poverty, teenage pregnancy and child abuse and neglect that was reported in the Giles County Health Assessment Survey.”  Through GEEP, we contacted the Foster Children Program in the county.

Last year we provided 11 quilts to foster children.  The foster program was thrilled to have these quilts and told me that the children really appreciated and loved them.  It was nice to bring some warmth and comfort to these children.

The following quilts were from Donna Sciandra, Vicki Waller, Becky Beckenbach, Dede Cranford, Pat Laney, Ronnie (?), Joy McAuley, Kathleen Rountree, Shirley Sellers, and Ann D.  I apologize for not having everyone’s name, but during my unpacking from our move, I misplaced the full list of names, but did find a jotted note I had made.  If one of these quilts has been misidentified, please let us know and we will correct it.  If you click on the thumbnail you can see the quilters names and if two names, then the second name is the longarmer.

Finally, we don’t post pictures of the children, but I did receive this thank you note that has adorned my desk all year.  Please know that these children do love these quilts.


Regards, Tina


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