Quilter Spotlight: Donna Dellacamera

Our Spotlight Quilter this month is quilter and generous volunteer extraordinaire, Donna Dellacamera. Donna has given QBB many quilts over a lot of years, and has won the Fat Quarter Challenge several times as well!   We want to feature Donna’s story, as well as a recent initiative she spearheaded after being inspired to help the children in the news who were separated from their parents at the border.


We are so grateful for Donna and our many other wonderful volunteers, we hope you enjoy learning more about her as well as photos of a few of the quilts she and Karen Matheson recently donated.


I started sewing as a child, taught by my mom and grandma, and made my first quilt at about age 10.  It was very colorful, but not very well constructed! Since then I have improved considerably and make mostly baby and children’s quilts for gifts and for charity.
I learned about Quilts Beyond Borders at International Quilt Festival in Houston. While at the booth, I met Karen Matheson, a quilter from my area of CT, who shortly after became the QBB Northeast Regional Coordinator.
As a retired pediatric and elementary school nurse, I love the idea of making quilts, a sign of warmth, comfort and love, for children in need!
During the recent border crisis, I was devastated by images of children separated from parents, and was moved to find some way to help.  With the encouragement of Carla, Tina and Ann, I was able to find a location in CT, where unaccompanied migrant children as well as some who had been separated from parents at the border, were being cared for.  Karen provided quilts and I added some more of my own to total 15 quilts, one for every child in the program.  It was a wonderful feeling to deliver them them to the office of Noank Community Support Services that day in July, knowing that the quilts would soon be in the arms of the children in their care.
So often, we can feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of need in our world today. But I believe that every single efforts counts when we do it with love.  I was humbled to be considered in the quilter spotlight, as I am just an ordinary person who likes to sew!
 I applaud everyone who is involved in Quilts Beyond Borders.  Little, by little, together we make a difference.



The quilts -15 in total, were happily received by Dot Hazlin of Noank Community Support Services and will be distributed to the children in their care.
Thank you, Donna, for all that you do for Quilts Beyond Borders and for the Children!




One Response to “Quilter Spotlight: Donna Dellacamera”

  1. Louise Hornor Says:

    Thank you, Donna, for sharing your inspirational story! I especially love your attitude about how our efforts make a difference when done with love.

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