Quilts to Ohio Headstart Program

Fifty quilts from our Northeast Region were delivered to at-risk children in inner city Dayton, Ohio who really need our messages of love and warmth. The children are in a Headstart program in Dayton, facilitated in part by Pastor Richard Freudenberger of Christ Lutheran Church in Dayton, OH.
Pastor Freudenberger said, “Last week I took half to Headstart children. They were thrilled. I gave out the remainder to needy families at church. Two went to new born babies. One went to a little girl who arrived from Central America recently and isn’t used to this weather.” He also provided us with a few pictures of the quilts being delivered, faces are not shown for privacy reasons.
Thank you to all the quilters who created these beautiful gifts for the children to enjoy! And special thanks to our furry spokes-model, Lily, who helped to show off the quilts in the photos below… The makers of these quilts include: Leesa Plude, Angela Church, Donna Motyl, Jan Baker, Susan Samuel, Penny Rawden, Peggy Thomsen, Diane Carlson, Palm Island Quilters, Edna Stewart, Frances Fink, Linda Ferraro, Bonnie Salt, Missy Zlotocha, Daria Mauro, Jean Unger, Sharon Gower, Lee O’Connor, Michael Elinski, Pam Belanger, Jean Dougherty,  Hong Chang, Linda Dranchak, Marsha Johnson, Terri Desmond, Sylvia Newton, Nancy Kane, Alice Aldrich White, Susan Elliott, Paula Place, Dyan Taber, Donna Sciandra. As always, you can click on each image below for a larger view.
– Karen Matheson




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