Pretty Quilts from the Pelican Piecemakers

I belong to a quilt guild in New Smyrna Beach, FL, called the Pelican Piecemakers. Over the last year they’ve made some beautiful quilts for QBB to give to needy children.  Many of these quilts were made from tops pieced by the quilters.  Other tops were sent to us by a guild named No Strings Attached Guild, the 1st Methodist Church, or Saint James the Less Episcopal Church, and quilted by longarmers belonging to the Pelican Piecemakers Quilt guild.

Some of these quilts were provided to the Volusia County Homeless Students Program, others to needy Navajo children in Arizona.  Others were sent to children in Syrian Refugee Camps, and some to needy children in Israel. With the permission of the quilters, some were sold for fundraising at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  Some of these quilts may be going with me to Ethiopia this fall.

Here they are:


Susan Amara & Love in Stitches 1st Methodist Church – Pat Compton – Eleanor MacMillan

Amy Johnson 1


Amy Johnson 2


Amy Johnson 3


Beth Freese & Maribeth Frevert


Bettijean Meyer


Brandy Campbell


Brandy Campbell 2


Brenda Pertler


Unknown Quilter – Pelican Piecemakers


Jean Raulerson


Kristy Perkins & Maribeth Frevert


Mary Randall & Carla Triemer


Mary Randall & St. James the Less


Ruthanne Watson

Great thanks to all the Pelican Piecemakers for making these lovely quilts for us, and to St. James the Less Quilters and Maribeth Frevert for making some of the tops!







4 Responses to “Pretty Quilts from the Pelican Piecemakers”

  1. Louise Hornor Says:

    Wow! So many beautiful quilts! My favorite is Brenda’s globe quilt.

  2. quiltsbeyondborders Says:

    Indeed, Brenda did a beautiful job of that quilt, didn’t she! I’m so happy to have received these wonderful quilts from all of these talented ladies!


  3. Susan G Says:

    You got an excellent selection, and so different!!! I’m sure the people who get these will be thrilled with them.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks..I had forgotten these….enjoy

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