More Beautiful Quilts from the 3 Giving Grandmas in Illinois

The 3 Giving Grandmas, Jean McConaughy, Peggy Krug and Earline Devito, have been very busy this year! They created 20 beautiful quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders. Then they utilized a modern-day version of the Pony Express to transport those lovely quilts. to me. The 3 Giving Grandmas (from Bourbonnais, IL) brought their large box of quilts to Judy (in Frarkfort, IL). Judy transported it to her stitching group and passed it to our mutual friend Nancy (in Naperville), who transported it to me at our most recent Longarm Guild meeting in Wheaton. Great way to save on postage, and since we were all planning to go to those meetings anyway, we didn’t waste gas! I love it when a plan comes together!

Here are pictures of those wonderful quilts.  Click on the pictures to get a close up.  These are made from bright, cheerful, happy fabrics.  Many of them will likely go to Ethiopia with me in September.  I know the children who receive them will cherish them!

Great thanks to Jean, Peggy and Earline for making these wonderful quilts!  And thank you also, to Judy and Nancy for providing transportation!



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