Quilts for Comfort Cases

Just over a year ago I learned of a non-profit organization that is trying to make life better for children that are entering foster care.  The effort was born after their experience of taking in four foster children who all arrived with their belongings in a garbage bag.  It was deja vu for one of the parents, since he, too, had entered foster care as a youth and carried his belongings to his foster home in that same thing—a garbage bag.  If you would like to read more about their story and their mission, take a look at www.comfortcases.org.

Their mission is to provide these children with a backpack or duffle bag (age dependent) containing some items to make their transition a little easier.  In each bag, they include some personal hygiene items, a new pair of pajamas, a blanket, a book, a coloring book and crayons or a journal and a pen, and a small toy for the younger kids.  Although they began as an effort to improve the lives of children in foster care in the greater DC region, over the years they have partnered with agencies and have now reached children in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and several territories.

Since QBB’s purpose is to provide under-served children with a quilt they can call their own, we have been partnering with them to provide quilts for some of these children.  We are happy to report that they love the quilts and it allows us to continue with our mission of helping kids during a time when foreign travel difficulties have disrupted our efforts around the world. We are even happier to report that QBB will continue to partner with Comfort Cases throughout 2021, and we will regularly be sharing photos with you!

More than 90% of their work that Comfort Cases does is actually completed by volunteers.  I volunteered for a 2 hour shift and they assigned me to a task that I can do pretty well.  They asked me to fold blankets and quilts to prepare them for packing.  I know how to do that!  It was a great experience and I will do it again, but here are photos of some of our quilts all rolled up and ready to be packed into bags and an example of a backpack and it’s contents.

Linda Spirio – QBB Regional Coordinator

Here are the contributors for the first set of photographs, and you can click on each small photo to see it larger:
Chelsea Morgan, Sue Trzanski, Kate Braus, Anonymous, Carol B, Beth Holland, Donna Sciandra & Linda S, BarbaraCarol E. & Nanette, Deb Carolfi, Donna Crook-Jones & Linda S, Terri Richards, Sandi Morris, Louise Horner, The Truongs, Judith Nuno, Mary Kay, Doris Goins, Grammie Cindy, Beth Shafer, The Sunshine Guild, Florence A., Joanne Neal, Bonnie Salt, Donna Sciancar, Kathryn Zurek & Caroline Pike, Steve & Bonnie, Carol E., Louise Horner, Joy McAuley & Donna Sciancar, Joanne Neal, Carole K., Barb W, Madelyn Murdock, Judy, Dot Gruber, Sandy E., Chris, Angela LaPaglia, Wendy Hughes, Mary King, Gail Romer, Polly Scoville & Wendy Hughes, Jackie Harmon, Sue C., Mary Renchler, Pat, Pam Davis, Brooke, Debi Jackson, Evie Cherms, Janna Price, Kate, Chill Childress, Stephanie Zeller, Mardi Gruber, Brenda Wolfe

Each of these quilts below were made by Adriana V. De Paulo and quilted by LaDonna Helveston:

  Alice Culberson made this top and LaDonna Helveston quilted it:


  Top by Gail Schultz and quilting by LaDonna Helveston:


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