From the Northwest and Beyond – Beirut 2020

The explosion in Beirut on August 4th 2020 killed over 200 people, injured over 5,000 and displaced over 300,000. The Salaam Cultural Museum that helps the Syrian Refugees and whom we have partnered with for years, stepped in to help the people of Beirut.  500 QBB quilts that were going to go to Syria were diverted with our permission and airlifted to Beirut. In my June 10th blog post the quilts that were pictured there went to Beirut along with the pictures below for a total of 476 quilts from our group. There were many other quilts sent from around the country from our organization as well for a total of 867 sent.       

I am sure that the beautiful quilts that were made were a comfort to children who were injured during this tragedy. We are grateful for all the wonderful work that the Salaam Cultural Museum does and that we can be a part of their outreach around the world. Pictures below include quilts from the Northwest group and many more photos will be shared soon on this blog from other Regional coordinators around the country. Click on the individual pictures for a larger image and to see who pieced and quilted each quilt.

Susan Schmidt   –  Northwest Regional Coordinator

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