QBB 2020 summary

Well, it’s a little late for this blog post, but if you were wondering how we did in 2020, here it is!

2020 was another record year for the number of quilts given out to needy people and children in places where the warmth and comfort of a quilt is needed.   Frankly, this surprised me, because I figured that no one would be traveling and the demand for quilts would drop off.  We did give far more quilts within the US this year than typical, to groups caring for foster children and abused children and homeless people and families.  Which was to be somewhat expected because when people are under stress (and Covid caused financial and emotional stress for many), children can be the ones that suffer.  Here is a list of the quilts we gave out last year:  

  • Salaam Cultural Museum (quilts for Syria Refugees): 1017 Quilts
  • Comfort Cases (quilts for Foster Children in the US): 990
  • Forgotten People of Navajo Nation (Needy children and elders):    500
  • Maasay Yahdav (Needy children in Israel): 301
  • Baltimore Child Abuse Center (Abused children):       280
  • North Idaho Foster Care:                                    80
  • Oregon Dept of Human Services Child Welfare:    50   
  • Royal Family Kids (Foster Children):                    44
  • Ampersand Families (Older Adoptees):                 35
  • Kids Kingdom Orphanage (Mexico):                     30
  • Sleep in Heavenly Peace (Needy Families):          21
  • Heartland Alliance (Homeless):                           20
  • Giles Early Education Project (Needy Children):        4

That’s a total of 3372 quilts given to needy people and children, a new record, beating 2019’s record of 3249!  Most of those deliveries have been celebrated in blog posts in the past year, so if you want to know more about any of them, put a keyword in the “search” field on the right side of the blog page. Thank you, to all of our talented and generous volunteers, quilters and donors!  Some of us have been around since our first delivery of 258 quilts to Ethiopian Orphans, and I have to say that’s a pretty impressive increase!   

2021 is already off to a great start.  Our Ampersand Families initiative is continuing into 2021, with an additional 18 quilts delivered there in January.  We also are working on an initiative for quilts for the Childcare Assistance Center at the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota.  And we’ve started another year of an on-going initiative for Comfort Cases. First quarters of every year tend to start off slowly, but I’m impressed that this one is already getting started!  

Carla Triemer, QBB President

We were one of many groups who “met” via Zoom and had some fun at the same time. Meet some of your Quilts Beyons Borders volunteers!

4 thoughts on “QBB 2020 summary

  1. Congratulations on some impressive numbers! Each quilt represents one person who received some quilty comfort, and I’m proud to be part of this wonderful group.

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