QBB Partner Spotlight – Jeremiah’s Hope – Quilts for Ukraine

Jeremiah’s Hope was established in 2003 as a Ukrainian Charitable Fund in Donetsk, Ukraine, and has run as a nonprofit organization since 2005. One of the original co-founders still runs the organization along with his wife. Andrew and Jenny Kelly lived in Ukraine along with their children until right before the war began when they returned to the US. They still lead the ministry team that includes a 12 multi-national member team of Ukrainians and Americans.

Jeremiah’s Hope provides healing and practical help to orphans, at-risk youth, and vulnerable people of Ukraine. This ministry has always helped with village outreach, rescue shelters, educational camps, transitional living centers and so much more. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Jeremiah’s Hope worked tirelessly to evacuate the children and staff living in their centers to a safer place in Croatia. They are continuing to help orphans, refugees, and their staff adjust to their new cities and countries and a new way of life. Jeremiah’s Hope is providing funds, supplies, hygiene packs, food, quilts, and other necessities to those still in Ukraine and refugees that have fled to nearby countries. You can learn more about Jeremiah’s Hope at jeremiahshope.org

Some of the first quilts donated to Jeremiah’s Hope went to the children that had lived in their rescue shelter and were evacuated to Croatia. Jeremiah’s Hope shared that “every kid in our Rescue Shelter got a new quilt this week when they arrived in Zagreb! THANK YOU QBB for helping make our new house feel more like HOME!” Here are some pictures of some of the rescue center kids (note that we partially obscured their faces to protect their privacy) with their quilts that you so beautifully made and generously donated.

If you want to send quilts for this or the many other initiatives that Quilts Beyond Borders supports, please email us at QuiltsBeyondBorders@gmail.com.

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