From the Northwest and Beyond – Quilts for Jeremiah’s Hope

When the war in Ukraine began and we saw children and women fleeing the country we had many quilters wondering whether we would get quilts to the children there. We are so happy to report that we found Jeremiah’s Hope. You can read more information on this partner organization here – they have been helping Ukraine for years with funds, relief efforts, housing and other types of assistance, and more recently they have been sending over container ships with supplies and our quilts. 

 We have sent 250 quilts from our NW group through Jeremiah’s Hope that have gone to the Ukrainian Refugees in neighboring countries. Below are the pictures of the beautiful and colorful quilts sent by our group. Thanks to all the quilters for sharing their talents to help provide comfort to children going through this difficult and heartbreaking situation. 

You can click on each picture to see who made each quilt.

Susan Schmidt – Northwest Regional Coordinator

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