Fall Deliveries from the Northeast

QBB’s Northeast team has been BUSY!! Over the summer I received 180 quilts from you and many have already been sent to our partners for distribution to three different initiatives described below.  As always I am astounded by the talent, the dedication, the time and effort you put forward to support the children and families served by Quilts Beyond Borders.  Heartfelt thanks to all of you!

-Karen Matheson, QBB Northeast Region Coordinator

Special shout-outs with gold stars attached goes to :  Vermont’s Judith Nuno, who sent 30 quilts, (which is a typical and frequent box-full from her);  The Dunns Corners Community Church Presbyterian in Westerly, Rhode Island whose quilting group made 70 quilts; Diane Carlson and Sue Sweeney from Connecticut who have given of themselves to create beautiful quilts out of the 48 gorgeous tops donated by Kim Bennett; and Sadie Yancey, age 11, from Texas, our youngest quilter who, with a little help from her grandmother made a stunning quilt:

Below are the quilts we sent to Comfort Cases, a national organization headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. A backpack full of essential and fun stuff is given to kids entering foster care.  One of our quilts is included in each pack. 

Many thanks to these quilters and piecers:

Judith Nuno – Vermont; Mary Gibbons – Wisconsin; Sadie Yancey (my grand niece, age 11), Lynne Aldrich (Sadie’s grandma), Marsha W. – Texas ; Alice Aldrich White – (Sadie’s other great aunt) – Oklahoma ; Lois Gardner, Linda Ferraro, Yvette Drurey, Jane Reardon, Linda Chaffee, Barbara Chojnacki – Rhode Island; Diane Carlson, Sue Sweeney, Donna Motyl, Kim Bennett, Rita Gladych – Connecticut; Ellen Coburn – Massachusetts

Grateful thanks to the quilters and piecers whose beautiful quilts below have been delivered to Guardian Light Family Services in Sidney, NebraskaThis organization works with abused children. 

Paula Place, Estelle Gallagher, Kim Bennett, Diane Carlson, Angie Church, Sue Sweeney, Rita Gladych – Connecticut; Judith Nuno – Vermont; Joanne Wortman – New York; Bonnie Salt, Sheila Hughes, Barbara Mroz – Massachusetts; Yvette Drurey, Lois Gardner, Linda Chaffee,  Linda Ferraro – Rhode Island; Lynne Aldrich – Texas; Alice Aldrich White – Oklahoma; Sue Holden – Colorado; Nancy Kane – New Hampshire

Maasay Yahdav is a new initiative for the Northeast Team although QBB sent quilts to them in past years.  Maasay Yahdav is a group that takes quilts to needy children and orphans living in children’s homes in Israel. We sent 79 quilts, shown below. You are all amazing! 

Many thanks to these quilters and piecers:

Judith Nuno – Vermont; Fran Fink, Madeline Browning, Barbara Mroz – Massachusetts; Jane Reardon, Julie Eberly (a first-time volunteer!), Linda Ferraro, Dunns Corners Community Church Presbyterian, Lois Gardner, Barbara Chojnacki – Rhode Island Paula Place, Donna Motyl, Kim Bennett, Diane Carlson, Sue Sweeney – Connecticut; Bonnie Salt, Shelly and Liz – Massachusetts; Mary Gibbons – Wisconsin; Marsha W., Lynne Aldrich – Texas; Nancy Kane – New Hampshire ; Alice White, Kathryn Wortz – Oklahoma

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