Fall Quilts for OCJ Kids in Arizona

The temps have begun to drop in Arizona. Yes, it does get chilly this time of year in the Phoenix area and cold and snowy winter conditions in northern Arizona are common.  The quilts we provided to OCJ Kids in Phoenix have been warming hearts as well as keeping recipients warm.  

OCJ Kids partners with local community businesses, clubs, churches and individuals with children in foster care to meet needs not met through the government systems.  OCJ stands for Opportunity, Community and Justice for Kids.  The organization helps foster kids of all ages, including helping to launch the kids who are aging out of the system. Check out the OCJ Kids website for a glimpse of all they do at  https://www.ocjkids.org 

Recently, OCJ Kids distributed several New Mom bags for girls leaving the system with babies on the way.  Those bags included a quilt from Quilts Beyond Borders for those precious little ones coming soon.  Quilts have also been distributed to children who are going back home! 

The photos below show the quilts provided to OCJ Kids this fall. Thank you to the many quilters from the Southwest, including the Heart and Hand group in Texas, who lovingly made these quilts for our OCJ Kids partner. You can click on each image to view it larger and to see the maker’s names.

Sherree N. – QBB Arizona Regional Coordinator 

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