From the Northwest and Beyond – Hundreds of Quilts for SCM

 I continue to be amazed at the workings and organization of the Salaam Cultural Museum, a humanitarian group based in Seattle WA. The past 5 months we have sent them 392 quilts from the NW group. Here is where the quilts have been going..
There are now Syrian, Afghan and Ukrainian Refugees who have settled in Washington.  Quilts are given to children when families begin the settlement process and have a place to live. They also provide computers, bicycles, sewing machines, hygiene items and school supplies.

Overseas travel has begun again so quilts are being hand carried in luggage to Jordan and Lebanon for the Syrian Refugees still living in the refugee camps. Since the Syrian war began in 2011 more than half of the 22 million population have fled their homes. Of that group 6.8 million have fled abroad. Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon are hosting 84% of that group. The largest refugee camp is in Jordan and houses 80,000 Syrians who have been there for over 10 years. Some of the camps have begun to provide shelters other than tents and have schools, stores, business and medical clinics. Sadly there is no sign of this war ending.

Quilts will be going for the first time to the Sunshine Orphanage in Luxor Egypt. A home for abandoned or orphaned children to live in until they are college age. Children are educated there and given emotional support along with a variety of other services.

Thank you to all the quilters who have helped provide the cheerful and warm quilts to children who have suffered so much. I know that the quilts are appreciated and loved! 

You can click on the pictures to see who pieced and quilted each quilt.

Susan Schmidt – Northwest Regional Coordinator 

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