We Love to Hear from You!

We just have to share some recent comments from the blog and our partners..

“I just would like to send my sincere appreciation to the quilters and organizations that provided their efforts, time, and energy to creating these thoughtful gifts. On behalf of my grandfather from the Navajo Nation, we thank you all. He received one for Christmas one year and he seems to favor the quilt. it’s always visible and on hand. A fall colored piece with birds.
Thank you.”

 “I am just so proud to send you quilts – and your posts always inspire me to go to the machine and make some more”

“Greyhills Academy [a grant school on the Navajo Indian Reservation under the direction and management of the Bureau of Indian Education] is appreciative of the Christmas donation of quilts. Our students were incredibly grateful for the gifts of quilts. I know quilting takes time, a lot of creativity, and I know they were made with love for our students. Students were admiring their quilts, sharing the designs, and colors. They are truly valuable to them, and we can see how much it lit them up this afternoon.”

“What a beautiful story, very much like mine. I picked up a kit from IQF in Houston, 2016 and 445 quilts later, I’m still quilting for QBB.”

“I am a volunteer at the Comfort Cases National Center in Rockville, MD. My task today was rolling some of your stunning quilts as others packed them into the cases. I’m a quilter myself so I know the love that goes into these beautiful quilts. I kept thinking about the foster children who will receive these. I want you to know how much you works of love are appreciated.

“I cannot put into words entirely how this touches my heart. Thank you for sharing.”

 “You are AMAZING !!!! oh, I must go sew more quickly and send you a box of quilts !”

“As a foster parent for twenty some years I know how much this is appreciated! “

“WOW – great job everyone ! So much beauty and love shown here. Glad these have “gone to work” now.” 

“I love making quilts for QBB and its great to read about the final destination of all these quilts. I know my quilts are just a very small small part of the organization so it’s good to see the big picture every now and then.”

We love to hear from you, so drop us a line at Quiltsbeyondborders@gmail.com or comment on our blog, we do read all of them!

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