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Camp Heartland

August 9, 2016

Each summer children affected by HIV/AIDS go to Camp Heartland, a camp established to give these children the opportunity to spend time with others who share their experience without stigma or judgment, and allow them to enjoy just being children. This year these great quilts were waiting for them there.

Sandy Briskin and Claire & Kay pieced and quilted their two quilts. The piecers for the other quilts were Janet & Carol Jean Hubbard, Kay & Lynn, Nanny K, Noreen, Theola Breaux and Susan Schmidt. The quilting was done by Kim Walsh, Mary Craft, Laurel Hertel, Tomme Fent, Delleen Kompkoff, and Robin Reilly. You can hover or click on the pictures to see the names of who pieced and quilted them. I’m sure the children loved them!

Susan Schmidt  Northwest Regional Coordinator