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Quilts Sent to Ethiopia

January 19, 2017

If you know the history of QBB then you know that Ethiopia was the first country we delivered quilts to. It was exciting that the beautiful quilts below  traveled with QBB staff to Ethiopia this past September 2016. The children there are sure to cherish and love the quilts made by so many talented quilters. Seven of the quilts were made by Anya from MT, the Quirky Quilters, Janet McLeod, Ellen Janes, Brian Williams, Delleen Kompkoff, and Mary Fons. Yes that’s right, we are so grateful Mary Fons is sending a quilt for one of the children.

The remaining quilts were pieced by Donna Sciandra, Susan Schumacher, Louise Bird, June Berry, Carol Jean Hubbard, Sue Hunt, Theola Breaux, Karen Okerstrom, Leona Ross, Joan Callaghan, Bonnie Cromwell, Hong Chang, and Susan Schmidt. Our long arm group continues to grow and I am grateful for all of their help! The quilting was done by Robin Reilly, Mary Craft, Catherine Eith, Penny Evers, Kayleen Davis, Kim Walsh, Tomme Fent, Sherri Wallaert, Laural Hertel, Rhonda Adler, Heidi Oliver, Gerri Thompson, Pat (RFQ), and Becky Goldner. You can click on each picture to see who made the quilts.

Stay tuned because we will be posting about the trip to Ethiopia and some pictures from that trip.

Susan Schmidt   Northwest Regional Coordinator