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March FQC Winner

April 29, 2019
And the March 2019 Fat Quarter Challenge winner is…..Donna Sciandra from Buffalo NY.  Congratulations, Donna!  Pictured below is the colorful quilt Donna sent to Quilts Beyond Borders for the Challenge quilt.

Donna will receive a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop, sponsor of our challenge. Check out the new spring fabrics and notions offered by the Fat Quarter Shop.

Check out the 411 about our Quilts Beyond Borders Fat Quarter Challenge and see how you can participate today.

Other quilts received in March and entered into the challenge include the one below from Doris Miller.


Thanks to everyone who has participated in the FQC so far this year.  There are more opportunities to win every month so send in your quilt today!

Sherree Newhouse
Quilts Beyond Borders
Arizona Regional Coordinator


Last call for November Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts!

November 24, 2018
image1 (12)
Did you pick up a fat quarter at our booth in Houston?  The new year for Fat Quarter Challenge (FQC) quilts starts this month.  Send in your FQC quilts now for the best chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop. The drawing for November quilts will be announced here in early December.
And it’s not too late to get started on quilts for the December drawing!
For mailing information and rules about the FQ Challenge, click here: Join the Fat Quarter Challenge and Win! Remember, each FQC quilter will be eligible for every monthly drawing all year long.
And, if you have a finished quilt using a fat quarter that you picked up from us in prior years, stay tuned!  We’re planning to have an “Amnesty Month” for those who didn’t make the deadline in previous years.  Details to follow!
Fat Quarter Shop
Learn more about the Fat Quarter Shop’s fabrics and other goodies here:

Join the Fat Quarter Challenge and Win!

May 9, 2018
fqc 2013-ann-bordeau

One of the beautiful Fat Quarter Challenge quilts, submitted by Ann Bordeau in 2013!

We have had several recent questions asking for more details about how to be part of the Fat Quarter Challenge that we blog about each month. To help with any confusion, we added a link on our main Page under the “About” menu with this info: 

Here is the information found in that link…

The Fat Quarter Challenge is our contest sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop ( https://www.fatquartershop. com/ ) which encourages volunteers to make and donate quilts made from a fat quarter supplied from our booth at the yearly Houston Quilt Festival.

If you did not pick up a FQ from our booth at Houston, do not despair. You may supply your own FQ and submit a quilt to us, just include a note with your quilt that it is part of the Fat Quarter Challenge.  To find a block pattern to use for your FQC quilt, please go to Marcia Hohn’s site, Quilt Blocks Galore via this URL:  Quilt Blocks Galore!


This Challenge runs through September 2018 and the sooner you turn in a completed quilt, the more chances you have to win the monthly $25 drawing or the year-end $100 cash prize. Each FQC quilter will be eligible for every monthly drawing through the end of September and you may win more than once.

Quilts sent for this challenge should meet our general guidelines and criteria for donated quilts, please read these links https:// quiltsbeyondborders.wordpress. com/quilt-dimensions/  and https:// quiltsbeyondborders.wordpress. com/where-to-send-quilts-and- tops/ on the right-hand side of our main web page.

Chuck Glenn FQC Booth

Chuck Glenn and the FQC Display at the Houston QBB Booth!

January Fat Quarter Challenge

February 16, 2018

Today I needed some bright quilts to make me smile because the weather outside is so grey and dreary.  I received two quilts this month and both will make you smile.  Before showing you the quilts, I want to congratulate Donna Sciandra for the $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.  Donna sent in a FQ quilt during the month of December and you can see it on this blog post.  Congratulations Donna and thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop for sponsoring our monthly prize.

This month I received a quilt from Doris Miller of Alabaster, AL and another from Moira McSpadden of Garland, TX.  And what has become the trend, both of these quilters are part of the Sunshine Online Guild.  Their quilts are below:

Just a reminder to everyone that the odds of winning a monthly prize are high since only a few quilts have been turned in so far.  So before the wonderful weather gets here and we all want to spend time outside, why don’t you finish that FQC quilt.  Remember, the earlier you turn in your quilt the more chances to win since you are entered in every month’s drawing after that, and you could win more than once.

Cheers, Tina

July Fat Quarter Challenge

August 11, 2017

During the month of July I did not receive any fat quarter challenge quilts.  I know everyone is busy probably spending time outside during the summer months; I sure am.  Even though no quilts were turned in, once you submit a quilt, you are entered in each month’s drawing.  Congratulations to Kathy Thomason from Tampa, FL for being this month’s recipient of a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.  Kathy’s name was randomly chosen as the winner.  She had submitted her fat quarter challenge quilt in April and it is pictured below.  She is also a Sunshine member.

FQC Apr - K.Thomason

For those of you still thinking about entering, please do so.  You still have the months of August and September to send in your quilt and to also be entered for the annual $100 cash drawing.  QBB has many initiatives right now and your quilt would really help brighten the life of and bring warmth to someone.

Thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop for being our monthly sponsor.  Please take some time to browse their website because they have an awesome choice of goodies.

Cheers!  Tina



January Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts

February 10, 2017

The month of January was a bit crazy in Virginia with the weather.  We had snow, mostly clouds and then a couple days of spring weather reaching 70!  Obviously it was a good time for people to quilt because I received 6 fat quarter quilts for the challenge.    The winner was a quilt submitted this month and made by Pam Wilson from Hayward, CA.   Pam actually submitted 2 fat quarter challenge quilts. Congratulations Pam!  You have won a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.   Many thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop for sponsoring our monthly prize.

I also received quilts from Gail Hardy (Palm Desert, CA), Beth Holland (Eden Prairie, MN), Cathy Labath (Long Grove, IA), and Donna Sciandra (Buffalo, NY).  Their quilts are pictured below and if you click on the photo you can see the quilter’s name.

Thanks to all of our quilters this month.  All of the quilts that have been returned to me are still entered in each monthly drawing so it pays to get your quilt in early for more chances to win the monthly prize.

Cheers, Tina

FQ Challenge for December 2016

January 7, 2017

During the month of December, I received 2 quilts for the FQ Challenge.  The quilts were from Donna Dellacamera from Unionville, CT and the other was from Doris Miller from Alabaster, AL.  Using a random # generator and including any other quilts submitted since the beginning of our 2016-2017 challenge, the winner was Donna Dellacamera.  Congratulations!  Donna will receive a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.  We want to thank the Fat Quarter Shop for providing this award for our winners.

I had been waiting for a sunny day to take photos of the two quilts submitted but it has been rather dreary in VA for the past few weeks.  Today was a great day with the snow in the background on the mountains, however, it was 15 degrees and a wind chill of about 5 degrees.  However, it was worth it to take pictures of these two darling quilts that will be loved by a child somewhere.

Thanks again to Donna and Doris for their quilts.  Remember, the earlier you submit a quilt the more chances that you will have to possibly win the Fat Quarter Shop $25 gift certificate.  Both Donna and Doris’s names, along with our winner Diane from November, will continue to be eligible for the upcoming monthly drawing through September of 2017.  So if you are entered in the FQ Challenge, it pays to get your quilt in early.

Happy New Year to all and stay warm, from chilly Virginia, Tina

November FQ Challenge Winner

December 7, 2016

Congratulations to Diane Hamm from Ellington, CT for winning the first month’s drawing.  I just love how someone can take a FQ and use their stash to complete a beautiful quilt.  I recently moved to my dream farm in VA, so I thought it would be fitting to photograph this quilt with my goats and mountains in the background.


During the Houston International Quilt Festival, we hand out a fat quarter and quilt pattern for participants to take home and return a finished quilt to us for a child.  When you return a completed quilt, you are entered in a monthly drawing for a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.   Thanks so much FQ Shop!  Additionally, if you turn in a quilt in one month, you will still be entered in the monthly drawing each successive month until the program ends in September.

Normally this post would feature all the quilts returned in the month for the FQ Challenge.  As it turned out, I only received Diane’s quilt, so as the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.  If you are participating in the FQ Challenge, I would encourage you to get that quilt returned soon for more chances to win.

Happy Holidays! Tina



July FQ Challenge Winner, Shout out to Pacific Fabrics, & Facebook Change

August 5, 2016

Guess it’s easy to tell when it’s summer since we didn’t receive any FQ Challenge quilts in July, but we still have a winner.  The July winner is  Donna Kanealii of Mililani, Hawaii; she will receive a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.  There is still time for those of you that picked up fat quarters at Houston last year to get your completed quilt into us and be eligible for a monthly prize and/or the annual prize of $100.  If you need an address where to send the quilt, please contact us at our email (  Here is a photo of the quilt that Donna had sent us in January.


We want to send a big thank you to Pacific Fabrics for donating  two 30-yard rolls of batting for our quilts.  Stop by 1 of their 4 stores in the Seattle area and browse through the many bolts of quilting fabric and meet the wonderful staff.  We really do rely on donations, so thank you!

And finally a bit of administrative information concerning our Facebook account.  We switched from a private account to a non-profit account.  If you had been following us and for some reason, we are no longer showing on your feed, please go to our new account and like us there.

Stay cool, Tina

FQ Challenge for May and More Quilts to Syrian Refugees

June 23, 2016

During May we did not receive any fat quarter quilts for the challenge, however, anyone that has sent in a FQ quilt prior to this time is still entered in the drawing every month.  Our winner of the $25 gift certificate from the FQ Shop  ( is Kay McKinnon of Grand Blanc, MI.  She is a devoted and talented quilter who sends us about 20 quilts per year.  Congrats Kay!  Here is a picture of some of her quilts submitted recently.

FQC K McKinnon

Regards, Karen V FQ Challenge Coordinator

Now for quilts that have traveled to Jordan for Syrian refugees.  These beautiful quilts were made by the following quilters. Louise Bird and Ellen Janes pieced and quilted their two quilts. The other eight quilts were pieced by Dede Cranford, Theola Breaux, Julie Richards, and Susan Schmidt. The quilting was done by Heidi Oliver, Laural Hertel, Mary Craft, and Tomme Fent. Hover or click on each quilt to see who made them. We have been told by the group delivering the quilts that the people receiving them are so grateful and cherish their quilts!

Thanks to all our volunteers for making these beautiful quilts that will warm the hearts of these children receiving them.

Susan Schmidt  Northwest Regional Coordinator