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A Fun Picture Show

April 14, 2014

We have received some very fun quilts in the mail lately. I’m going to let you just enjoy the show. You should be able to click on each picture for the name of the piecer as well as the quilter if there are two names. Enjoy!

Here are two Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts from Chuck G and Karisa H.

Chuck G FQC  Karisa H FQC


The Quilting For Christ Ministry has been busy as well. They sent the following tops and Sue B did a wonderful quilting job:

Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 2  Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 3  Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 4 Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 5  Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 6  Quilting for Christ & Sandi Watters Quilting for Christ & Sue Bickham 2  Quilting for Christ & Sue Bickham

Three members of the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild contributed to these next quilts.  Thank you, Joann, Pat and Ann!

Ann & Pat Sunshine  Joann Sunshine 1  Joann Sunshine 2 Joann Sunshine 3  JOann Sunshine 4  Pat Sunshine 1 Pat Sunshine


The following quilts are sent to us from Linda C, Della B and Peggy H:

Linda Cadzow & Sandi W Della Burwell & Sandi Watters 2  Della Burwell & Sandi Watters  Peggy Hudel & Sandi Watters


Thank you all so very much! These will bring a lot of sunshine and joy to children around the world!






It’s been raining QUILTS!

March 15, 2014

I know most of the country has been getting deluged with snow and ice, but here in Utah, it’s been raining quilts! With an upcoming trip to Ethiopia soon, we are eagerly gathering quilts and these quilts are greatly appreciated. This storm started all the way in South America! The first quilt featured was made by Rejane M , who lives in Brasil. She visited our booth at International Quilt Festival in Houston and picked up a fat quarter. She returned home and made the quilt and while visiting family in New York, she mailed me the quilt, so this quilt already has many miles on it and it’s hasn’t even found it’s owner yet! 

FQC Rejane Menten Brazil 

Our next storm started in North Carolina and picked up steam, and another quilt, in Illinois. These two quilts are also Fat Quarter Challenge quilts, the first from Ann B and the second from Sandra O. 

FQC Ann Bordeau  FQC Sandra Ohler 2 

Just a reminder to those of you who took home fat quarters from Houston, you do get extra chances to win that $100 prize by turning in your quilt to me as early as you can. This month is an extra 7 chances, so keep the quilt showers coming! 

These next quilts blew in from all across the country. We greatly appreciate the joint efforts of these piecers and quilters. Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. Thanks goes out to:

Della Burwell

Sharleen Rainville

Sue Bickham

Quilting For Christ Ministry in Texas (they will be featured numerous times in the future I’m sure as they donated many, many tops to us in Houston)

Linda Cadzow (who also sent us 7 tops. We LOVE it when quilters go through their stash and send us unfinished projects!!)

Sandi Watters

Della Burwell:Sharleen Rainville 2 Della Burwell:Sharleen Rainville Linda Cadzow 

Quilting for Christ:Sue Bickham Sandi Watters:Sharleen Rainville 

I think the children are going to have a very hard time deciding which quilt to claim as they are all so beautiful and unique. Thank you all so very much!



More Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts

January 14, 2014

Today we’re featuring two quilts I’ve received from Texas quilters! Ann F and Glenda H both sent me their Fat Quarter Challenge quilts and aren’t they great? I received Ann’s last month and Glenda’s this month. What a great way to end and start the year!

FQC Ann Farmer FQC Glenda Hood

It’s always fun to open the box and see the creativity each quilter brings to the sewing machines. To think that each one of these quilts was started with just one fat quarter and look how unique they are! I know the children will absolutely hug these tight and have many happy thoughts as they look at their quilts and snuggle under them at night. Thank you so much, Ann and Glenda! Your time and talents are greatly appreciated by all of us at Quilts Beyond Borders and children all over the world! Without the generosity of quilters like you, we could not do what we do!