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More Quilts Sent to India

January 16, 2017

Finding an hour to sit at the sewing machine last summer was a challenge amid the house guests, gardens, grandchildren  and massive amounts of groceries. I hear our quilters say “I try to sew at least a little bit every day.” It’s not always easy. These pictures are a testimonial to  the dedication of the QBB quilters who work all year to “keep us in quilts.” The need is great, and ongoing. As the old saying goes, “Give a busy person the job.”

These quilts were also sent to Orphan Outreach in India, and were made by some of our more prolific volunteers; ladies who always seem to be able to find that extra hour, no matter what else is going on in their lives.  The quilters and piecers are as follows going from left to right:

Picture # 1 all made by Sheila Hughes.


Picture  #2 Pieced by Whitewright Texas Church of Christ, quilted by Karen Matheson

Pieced by Sherry, quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek

Pieced by Marsha Johnson, quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek



Picture #3 Pieced by Marsha Johnson, quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek

Made by Susan Elliott


Picture #4 Made by Barbra Buckley

Made by Donna Motyl


Karen Matheson, Regional Coordinator Northeast


Quilts Sent to India

January 12, 2017

It was off to India this past September 2016 for these quilts going to children living in orphanages there. The bright colors and patterns are sure to bring happiness and joy to little hearts. Five of the quilts below were made and quilted by the Quirky Quilters, Quilts for Christ Ministry, Delleen Kompkoff, and Ocean Shore Quilters. The remaining quilts were pieced by Castle Rock Quilters, Theola Breaux, Donna Phillipe, Judy Wood, Karen Okerstrom, June Berry, and Donna Sciandra. The long arm quilting was done by Annie O’Brien, Mary Craft, Jessica Newton, Becky Goldner, Laural Hertel, and Tomme Fent. Thanks to all these ladies for helping us reach children across the world and comforting them with a quilt. You can click on each picture to see who made it.


Susan Schmidt  Northwest Regional Coordinator