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Fabric donated by Jean

February 23, 2012

At IQF in 2010, Jean came by our booth and donated a quilt. She even sat in our booth and sewed on the binding. This year when Jean came by the booth, she offered us approximately 20 yards of fabric. The fabric was 58″ wide so I was able to get 24 quilts out of the fabric.  For those who remember ‘Fat Albert’, this will bring back memories.   Below is a sampling of the quilts I made from that fabric. Jean, the quilts look good with that fabric. Thank you for donating it for the children.


Good News! We’ll see you in Houston!

September 28, 2011

We’ve just found out that Quilts Beyond Borders will be having a booth once again at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. We’re very grateful for and excited about this opportunity. Carolyn’s been there almost every year, and I know Karen’s been there before, but this will be my first time at Festival, so perhaps I’ll get the chance to meet many of you in person. 

We are currently planning to have another sit-and-sew, assuming we can round up the machines, so if you find you need to get off your feet for awhile, come on over to our booth and we’ll make you very comfortable and let you stitch to your heart’s content!  The pictures in this post are from our 2010 booth at Festival, and you can see how much fun people were having!

I know Carolyn and the others have worked the booth in past years and give out hundreds of kits for people to make tops for us. If you haven’t stitched up your tops and returned them to us, please stop by the booth, return them in person and say hello.

We know that “stuff happens” and sometimes the kits are misplaced or perhaps didn’t turn out as well as you’d hoped. In that case, please feel free to make us a replacement top (preferably about size 42×60 inches) and drop that off to us. Or, we’d also be happy to accept a donation of $25 in lieu of the top — which is about what it would cost us to replace the fabric.

Stop by, say “hi!”, and see what’s new at QBB! We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Finished Quilts Received at IQF Houston 2010

December 27, 2010

I promised to add pictures of finished quilts received at IQF Houston.   Some of the quilts had to have borders added to bring them up to the size we need which is 42″ wide by anywhere between 48″ to 60″ long.  I know that at least one of these quilts was a top was picked up at Houston last year, and a lady took it home, quilted it and brought it back this year.

These are many of the finished quilts turned in at the show, but several have already been shipped off to NC for delivery to Ethiopia.  I also don’t have pictures off all the tops turned in or made during Festival because other quilters took them home to quilt and bind.

These quilts will keep some children, who have nothing, both warmth and comfort along with I’m sure a very happy smile.

Thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work!


Tops from Houston Quilt Festival

December 16, 2010

These are mostly tops that were turned in at the Houston Quilt Festival, made at the show, or sent in shortly thereafter.  These tops have been quilted, labeled, and washed.  If you see a top that you made and it has borders added, don’t freak.  The borders were added to bring the top up to the size that we need (42″ wide by between 48″ to 60″ long).  Click on a picture to enlarge it.

We all know these quilts aren’t intended to be masterpieces, but I got to say that I think they are all beautiful!  And, they would bring comfort to any child, and especially an orphan child who has nothing to call his/her own.  All you ladies and girls (a couple of tops were made by preteen girls) did a fantastic job!  I am so proud of you, and you should be proud of yourselves.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to try to get pictures taken of some of the finished quilts that were turned in at the show.  Again, if you see one you made and it has borders added, that was simply done to bring the size up to what works best for the children.

Thank you for all your hard work.  We can continue with this mission only with the help we get from all of you.


International Quilt Festival – Houston 2010

November 10, 2010

Market and Festival are over for another year, and they were both good for QBB.  At Market, we received fabric donations from Andover Fabrics, Makeover UK (UK branch of Andover),  Robert Kaufman, RJR Fabrics, Classic Cottons, P&B Textiles, Timeless Treasures, Hoffman Fabrics, Maywood Studio, and Windham Fabrics.  We received batting donation from Quilters Dream BattingClothworks is mailing a package of fabric.  Loaner Janome 1860 sewing machines were provided by Sewing and Vacuum Warehouse.

The wonderful volunteers helping in the booth made this show a success for us.  We couldn’t have done it without them, and I thank them very much for all they did.  They handled the fundraising sales, deconstructing the table toppers, chair covers and booth drapes that the fabric manufacturers donated from Market, ironing fabric, assembling backs, assisting less experienced sewers, and cutting fabric.

We had all kinds of visitors to the booth which included ladies from the UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Russia and many states in the US.  We received tops from a 79 year old woman whose daughter and granddaughter brought the tops in.  We had Girl Scouts, Brownies and even Daisies sit and sew, iron and sort fabric.  An 11 year old girl sat and sewed her very first top.  One lady and her friends took 3 kits, went back to their hotel that night and sewed the tops, brought them back the next day, and one of the ladies sat and sewed 2 more tops.  Another lady brought in 2 tops that she finished during the previous year which had been fraught with all kinds of medical problems for her.  Several ladies took tops and backs home to quilt.

We started with about 350 kits and they were gone by Friday afternoon.  We had 3 big boxes of salesman samples from Andover which we gave out to make tops when we ran out of kits.  A lady took the last handful of samples home to make tops when the show ended.  We do have some fabric left from the donations which we will shortly start making into kits for next year, but we will have to find some more to have enough kits.

I’m posting some pictures from the booth and maybe it will give you some idea of how wild and crazy things were in the booth most of the show, and to show how much fun we had, and how hard we worked.


Added 11/11/10 – See under ‘Pages’ at the top right of this page to get information about making tops from the salesman sample packs, and where to ship donations.