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From the Northwest and Beyond – Jordan Container Delivery

March 13, 2019

These 217 quilts have had quite the incredible journey traveling by container to Jordan and the Syrian Refugees. They left Seattle in September, took a side trip to Shanghai China and then finally on to Amman Jordan where they spent a month in customs. Just in time for winter, they were off-loaded at the end of January. They traveled to a distribution center and then on to their final destination, to several refugee camps supported by our partner organization, Salaam Cultural Museum. We have heard reports back about how grateful the children are for the beautiful quilts they received. Thank you all for sharing your talents and caring for children who so badly need the warmth of a quilt! You can click on each photo below to see a larger image and the name of the makers.

– Susan Schmidt



Over 200 Quilts Delivered to Syrian Refugees

December 19, 2017

Here are over 200 quilts traveling by container ship destined for the Syrian Refugees. They traveled 1 month and over 12,000 miles to reach Aqaba Jordan. The quilts were shipped along with medical supplies and equipment, clothing, school supplies, etc.. They arrived the end of October where it took several weeks to go through customs before volunteers unloaded the container and transported the contents to Amman Jordan. From there distribution began to the Refugees in Rukban Jordan (that borders Syria) and Daraa inside Syria. They are arriving just in time for winter weather, which can be in the 30’s-50’s at the higher elevations. These areas get 10-18 inches of rain yearly, mainly in December through February.

You can click on the picture to see who made and quilted the quilts. Thank you all for your generosity and the beautiful quilts that will brighten the days and provide warmth to the Refugees!!

Susan Schmidt   Northwest Regional Coordinator

Salaam Cultural Museum’s Fundraising Dinner

December 15, 2017

It was such a honor to attend the recent Salaam Cultural Museum’s Fundraising Dinner for the Syrian Refugees. We provided 57 quilts for the event, including gifts for the 47 children of the Refugees that came to the dinner and have settled in Seattle, and 10 quilts (the pictures with 1 quilt in each) that were auctioned that night. Every quilt sold and guests were so excited to get them. We enjoyed a delicious dinner of Syrian food and hearing the speakers talk of their time helping the Refugees in Greece and Jordan was uplifting. Rita Z. (the director and founder of SCM) spoke to the guests of what our quilts meant to the Syrian people and how grateful she is for the thousands of quilts we have now sent. It was an honor to speak to the guests about what it means to us to help the Refugees. 

I was fortunate to sit at a table with some of the Refugees and hear their stories and how life is for them in the U.S.. What incredible strength and endurance they had making the journey here. Leaving everything behind as well as people and friends they love still saddens them. Their one dream and hope is to return to their homeland.

I wish that each of you could have been there that night to hear exactly what your quilts mean to the people who have received them. Many of the Syrian women sewed and did handwork prior to leaving Syria and weep when they see the quilts you have made for their children. They appreciate your talents as well as your generosity to provide quilts for them.

Thank you so much” seems like small words for all the quilts you have provided. We have sent 523 quilts so far this year from our Northwest Group, how amazing is that!!  As always you should know how much I appreciate each of you, your talents and generosity help comfort children and keep them warm. Every quilt makes a difference in the lives of the children we serve!

You can click on each picture to see who pieced or quilted them.

Y’all are the BEST!!


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More Quilts for Syrian Refugees

September 16, 2016

My favorite part of this Regional Coordinator thing is when I get to show you whose quilts are going where. Together we (the Northeast Region team of QBB) have sent out 105 quilts and 48 packaged kits since January 2016. OUTSTANDING! Awesome! And yay us!! This latest group is going to the Syrian Refugees. It feels so good to be doing something for those poor people, doesn’t it. Earlier in August we sent 9 specifically for the babies. These larger quilts will go to the trauma centers where the older kids who are so damaged by war are being treated.  The need is great, as you know.

Photo legend, left to right:

Picture # 1: Both quilts pieced by Hong Chang in Australia; quilted by Pam deSautels, quilted by Jan Baker

Picture #2:  Made by Linda Dranchak; made by Susan Elliott

Picture #3:  Pieced by Hong Chang, quilted by Terri Desmond; pieced by Marsha Johnson, quilted by Tracy McKearney

Picture #4:  Made by Barbara Laddaga; pieced by Shirley tucker, quilted by Fran Fink

Picture #5:  Made by Leesa Plude; made by Pat Wildman

Picture #6:  Made by Liana Laddaga; made by Mary Hardy

Picture #7:  Made by Charlotte Kieliszek; pieced by Quilting For Christ in Hurst, Texas, quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek

Picture #8:  Made by Donna Killoran; made by Jan Baker

Picture #9:  Made by Karen Matheson from a kit designed by Marki Ware; pieced by Hong Chang, quilted by Deb Jacoby

Picture #10: Two quilts made by Josi Klein

As long as we have strength in our fingers, I hope you will continue to sew and I will facilitate getting your treasures to these people. I am humbled by the whole process.

Regards, Karen Matheson, North East Regional Coordinator

Quilts for Syrian Refugees

September 13, 2016

The Syrian Refugees will be warmer this winter with the beautiful quilts in the pictures below. A special thank you to all the piecers and quilters who gave of their time and talents to create and help others in need. The quilts will be delivered by the Salaam Cultural Museum.   A number of quilts were made and quilted by Ellen Janes, the Quirky Quilters, Brian Williams, Delleen Kompkoff and the Quilts for Christ Ministry. The piecers are Theola Breaux, Karen Okerstrom, Donna Sciandra, Karen of Arizona, Ardith Louderback, Pat Johnston, the Castle Rock Quilters, and Susan Schmidt. The quilting was done by Sherri Wallaert, Penny Evers, Lloyd Clemens, Laural Hertel, Robin Reilly, Tomme Fent, Becky Goldner, Pat (RFQ), Delleen Kompkoff, and Annie O’Brien. You can click on the picture to find out who made each quilt.

Susan Schmidt    Northwest Regional Coordinator

Baby Box Project

September 9, 2016

These 46 baby quilts below will be traveling by container ship to expectant Syrian Refugee mothers in September. They are a part of the Baby Box project through the Salaam Cultural Museum. Cardboard bassinet beds filled with baby supplies and a quilt will be given to new mothers. We are honored to be a part of this project so that newborns can be wrapped in a clean new quilt after delivery. Thank you to the many quilters across the country for helping us reach our goal of 300 baby quilts this year for this project.

Colorful quilts from the Northwest and Beyond are shown below. 24 quilts were made by Delleen Kompkoff, Catherine Rose, Doris Goins, Judy Warner, Castle Rock Quilters, Judy Salinas, Tonette Truillo, Bonnie Johnson, Becky Goldner, and Susan Schmidt. The remaining quilts were pieced by Theola Breaux, Karen Okerstrom, Donna Sciandra, Misty King, Kim Bennett, Liz Clark, Sharon Johnson, and Leona Ross. The quilting was done by Catherine Eith, Heidi Oliver, Delleen Kompkoff, Annie O’Brien, Susan Schmidt, Mary Craft, Marcy Martin, Becky Goldner, Tomme Fent, and Kayleen Davis.

You can click on the picture to see who made the quilts. Thank you again to our quilters for your time and talents to make these quilts that we know will bring a little more joy to mothers and warmth to a newborn. We could not have made our goal of 300 without you!!

Susan Schmidt      Northwest Regional Coordinator

Small Treasures

September 6, 2016

Everybody loves babies. Sure, it’s tough at 2 am when the responsibility is all yours and you haven’t slept for a week. But babies are life’s previous gift. When we learn that babies are born into horrifyingly difficult situations, like in the Syrian refugee camps,  we feel a great need to do what we can to make their little vulnerable lives a wee bit better. These baby-sized quilts, sent with love and warmth, are destined for the refugee camps through Salaam Cultural Museum.

The legend below details who made the quilts from left to right.

Picture # 1: Pieced by Whitewright, TX Church of Christ quilters,  quilted by Karen Matheson; Pieced by Hong Chang, quilted by Barbra Buckley; Pieced by Marsha Johnson, quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek

Picture #2: Two quilts pieced by Sheila Hughes, quilted by Pat Wildma; Two quilts made by Donna Sciandra

Picture #3: Two quilts made by Prayers and Squares, Simsbury United Methodist Church, CT

Karen Matheson, North East Regional Coordinator

Quilts from the Northwest

August 12, 2016

These 20 beautiful quilts went to the Salaam Cultural Museum for the Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Greece. They were made by Karen Okerstrom, Lauren Kerns, Nancy Miller, Judy Warner, Leona Ross, June Berry, Theola Breaux, Peggy Alexander, Carolyn Sower, Lana Davis, Sharon Turvaville, and Susan Schmidt. Many were quilted by Robin Reilly, Laural Hertel, Kim Walsh, Rhonda Adler, Tomme Fent, and Jessica Newton.

To see who made each quilt, click or hover over the thumbnails.  If you click on them, you’ll be able to see a larger version.   The pictures don’t do them justice.  I know they will be loved and cherished by the children who receive them, especially as the winter draws near!  Thanks to everyone for making it possible to help the children and families in the refugee camps.

Susan Schmidt   Northwest Regional Coordinator

Quilts for Syrian Refugees

July 23, 2016

A special thank you for the 57 “CUTE” baby quilts that came from the Northwest Regional Group! So many of you stepped up last minute to help us reach our  goal of 200 for the Salaam Cultural Museum’s Baby Box Project. Normally we do not ask for baby quilts because most of our quilts go to older children.  However, this was an unusual circumstance, and we thought we could help the SCM with their baby box project.  Rita from SCM said so many of the Syrian refugee women have given birth since leaving Syria.

We had 30 quilts made by Deleen Kompkoff, Quirky Quilters from Salem Oregon, Karen Okerstrom, and Susan Schmidt. We had 27 tops pieced by Theola Breaux, Dede Cranford, Leona Ross, Pat Johnston, Louise Bird, June Berry, Mary Kolpack, Karen Okerstrom, and Susan Schmidt. They were quilted by Delleen Kompkoff, Laural Hertel, Rhonda Adler, Tomme Fent, Mary Craft, Heidi Oliver, and Lloyd Clemens. Hover or click on each picture to see who made them.

I want to express my thanks and gratitude to the 18 long arm quilters who help me so faithfully. They have quilted 111 quilts since the first of the year! The beautiful designs you do really make the quilts special. For everyone who has provided quilts and tops, I know they are made with love! I am blessed to have so many wonderful quilters help me through the first year of this job. In one year’s time our group of volunteers has sent out 226 quilts! I value the friendships I have made and your love for our children who get your beautiful quilts. Thank you for being a part of our group and promoting our program to others!

With a Grateful Heart!

Susan Schmidt    Northwest Regional Coordinator

FQ Challenge for May and More Quilts to Syrian Refugees

June 23, 2016

During May we did not receive any fat quarter quilts for the challenge, however, anyone that has sent in a FQ quilt prior to this time is still entered in the drawing every month.  Our winner of the $25 gift certificate from the FQ Shop  ( is Kay McKinnon of Grand Blanc, MI.  She is a devoted and talented quilter who sends us about 20 quilts per year.  Congrats Kay!  Here is a picture of some of her quilts submitted recently.

FQC K McKinnon

Regards, Karen V FQ Challenge Coordinator

Now for quilts that have traveled to Jordan for Syrian refugees.  These beautiful quilts were made by the following quilters. Louise Bird and Ellen Janes pieced and quilted their two quilts. The other eight quilts were pieced by Dede Cranford, Theola Breaux, Julie Richards, and Susan Schmidt. The quilting was done by Heidi Oliver, Laural Hertel, Mary Craft, and Tomme Fent. Hover or click on each quilt to see who made them. We have been told by the group delivering the quilts that the people receiving them are so grateful and cherish their quilts!

Thanks to all our volunteers for making these beautiful quilts that will warm the hearts of these children receiving them.

Susan Schmidt  Northwest Regional Coordinator