For the 7th year in a row, Quilts Beyond Borders has sent quilts to the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona.  Quilts are given to children and elderly during holiday parties.  This time, 500+ quilts were sent to Marsha in November and December.  Marsha travels many miles around the Navajo Nation to distribute the quilts and provide holiday cheer and greetings.
Here is a message from Marsha about the 2019 quilts:
“We went on the Navajo Nation to Chchiltah Senior Center, Rock Point Elementary, Junior & Senior High School, Rock Point Senior Center, Red Water Pond Community, Horse Lookout Point, Monument Valley Senior Center, and Big Mountain. The people, elderlies and youth, ALL love the quilts and appreciate the incredible one-of-a-kind quilts, each stitch made with love for them! Most of these elderlies and youth live a subsistence lifestyle, and for many of them, it is the only holiday gift they will get.”
Quilts Beyond Borders could not have received this touching message without quilters like YOU who provide these “incredible one-of-a-kind quilts”, many quilts designated specifically for the Navajos.  Thank you to all the quilters and others  who support Quilts Beyond Borders. What a difference 1 quilt can make in a young or elder person’s life.
Marsha is assembling photos of the children and elderly with their new quilts and those photos will be posted soon.  In the meanwhile, the following photos are a glimpse of some of the 500+ quilts sent in 2019 to the Navajo Nation.
But first, we have a photo of Marsha preparing to head to the Navajo Nation with boxes and boxes of quilts. She is faithful to take these north each year on behalf of Quilts Beyond Borders. (Photo from the 2018 initiative.)
Marsha 2018 prep