From the Northwest & Beyond: Quilts for the Forgotten Navajo of Bennett Freeze 2016

March 16, 2017

We are so grateful for the help of so many quilters and the beautiful quilts they sent for the Forgotten Navajo People in Bennett Freeze Arizona. Our group sent out 142 quilts that included quilts from the Sunshine Quilters and quilts we received at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. They were delivered this past December for Christmas. Below are the quilts sent and if you click on the picture you will see who made and quilted them. Pictures of the delivery are also on the blog and you can see by the smiling faces that they loved the quilts! It’s wonderful to know that so many people were warmer this winter. We couldn’t do this without you!

Susan Schmidt, Northwest Regional Coordinator

More Quilts for Jeremiah’s Letter, Inc.

March 10, 2017

Last fall we sent quilts to Jeremiah’s Letter, Inc. (see blog post from September) in Dayton, OH.   As a reminder,  Jeremiah’s Letter shares services and goods with its guests in the inner city of Dayton Ohio, including household goods such as quilts and kitchenware, clothing, two hot meals a week, and assistance in obtaining certified copies of birth certificates. Many of the individuals who are helped are children who live in very challenging environments.   Since the last supply of quilts we sent was low, we were asked to send some more.  They never know when a child will need a quilt so it is good to have some on hand.

From our Regional Coordinator, Noreen Fling in NC, she sent the following quilts that were made by Barbara Fyffe and Audrey Murphey.

B FyffeA MurpheyA Murphey (2)

The next set of quilts are from our North East Regional Coordinator, Karen Matheson and the quilts are identified as follows:

Position cursor over photo for Picture #, noting quilts in each from left to right:
Picture #1: Two (very large) quilts pieced by Nettie Petersen, Texas (of course!); quilted by Karen Matheson (yikes, nearly didn’t fit in tiny Rhode Island…)
                        Quilt by Susan Elliott, CT
Picture #2: Quilt by Susan Elliott, CT
                        Quilt by Linda Dranchak, ME
                       Quilt by Phyllis Weibe, Canada
Picture #3:  Quilt by Phyllis Weibe, Canada
Two quilts by Donna Motyl, CT; one quilted by Karen Matheson, CT
Picture #4: Quilt  pieced by Marsha Johnson, FLA; quilted by Fran Fink, MA
Quilt by Sheila Hughes, MA
Quilt pieced by Jean Unger, PA; quilted by Peggy Thomsen, CT
Picture #5: Quilt pieced by Whitewright Church of Christ, Texas; quilted by Karen Matheson, CT
Quilt pieced by Jean Unger, PA; quilted by Barbra Buckley, CT
Quilt by  Phyllis Weibe, Canada
Picture #6:  Quilt pieced by Jean Unger, PA; quilted by Peggy Thomsen, CT
Quilt by Fran Fink, MA
Quilt by Linda Dranchak, ME
This time we were asked to send larger quilts for some of the older children.   QBB continues to ask for quilts for small children (cot sized, 42 x 48-60”) and baby sized (36 x 36” – 45 x 45”) for the little ones in the refugee camps (since we send to the Syrian refugees on a regular basis) but every once in a while we receive a larger quilt, so we wait for just the right call.
Thanks to all of our volunteers for brightening the day of a child.
Regards, Noreen & Karen

Puppies, Wind & February FQ Challenge Quilts

March 7, 2017

Well I took photos of the two FQ quilts that were submitted in February for the FQ Challenge.  Needless to say, between the wind blowing and puppies trying to help hold down the quilt or steal my shoes, it was a bit challenging.  However, how can you not enjoy some photos of our new pups, Jake and Jasper along with their great mentor, Jaxson.

Congratulations this month to Donna Sciandra for winning the $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.  The Fat Quarter Shop has been wonderful to us and please, if you haven’t visited their site, take some time to check it out.

The two quilts I received in February  are from Donna Sciandra (her 2nd for the challenge) from Buffalo, NY and JoAnne Sheppard from Keller, TX and quilted by Judith North from Richland Hills, TX.

If you have signed up for our FQ Challenge, please remember that the earlier you submit your completed quilt, the more chances you have to win the gift certificate.  The random generator this month actually chose Donna’s name from her January quilt.

Cheers!  Tina

January Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts

February 10, 2017

The month of January was a bit crazy in Virginia with the weather.  We had snow, mostly clouds and then a couple days of spring weather reaching 70!  Obviously it was a good time for people to quilt because I received 6 fat quarter quilts for the challenge.    The winner was a quilt submitted this month and made by Pam Wilson from Hayward, CA.   Pam actually submitted 2 fat quarter challenge quilts. Congratulations Pam!  You have won a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.   Many thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop for sponsoring our monthly prize.

I also received quilts from Gail Hardy (Palm Desert, CA), Beth Holland (Eden Prairie, MN), Cathy Labath (Long Grove, IA), and Donna Sciandra (Buffalo, NY).  Their quilts are pictured below and if you click on the photo you can see the quilter’s name.

Thanks to all of our quilters this month.  All of the quilts that have been returned to me are still entered in each monthly drawing so it pays to get your quilt in early for more chances to win the monthly prize.

Cheers, Tina

Tijuana, Mexico 2016

January 31, 2017

Shad Hunziker requested 40 quilts for orphans in Mexico.  We were able to meet that request and he and a friend took the quilts to the orphanage.

The children were excited to receive a quilt on the day of their annual Christmas party. The happy faces tell the whole story.  What a thrill to have a quilt of their very own to keep forever.

The adults are all smiles as well.  It is such a blessing to be part of the giving of quilts. Thanks to all the quilters who contribute to Quilts Beyond Borders for all the donations that make so many people happy and warm.

Gracias a todos para su buen trabajo.  Le gustan mucho los cubiertos.

Thanks to all for your good work.  We like the quilts very much.

From the Northwest & Beyond

January 26, 2017

A beautiful array of 40 colorful quilts traveled by container ship to the Syrian Refugees in Jordan. They  arrived in November and were delivered to the children in December just in time for the winter. Temperatures can dip into the 40’s and the refugees continue to live in tents so the added warmth of our quilts is greatly needed and appreciated.

Half of the quilts were pieced and quilted by the same quilter. They are Kay McKinnon, Cindy Huddleston, Delleen Kompkoff, Anya of MT, Christine Holdridge, Ellen Janes, Virginia Wilcox, and Elyce Wiense. The remaining quilts were pieced by Christine Brugman, Theola Breaux, Castle Rock Quilters, Vicki R., Ann Drake, Pat Johnston, June Berry, Donna Sciandra & Joy, Mary Barnett, Ellen Janes, Leona Ross, Thayer Garrett, and Susan Schmidt. These quilts were quilted by Ellen Janes, Beth Miller, Heidi Oliver, Marie Anderson, Jessica Newton, Tomme Fent, Gerrie Thompson, Becky Goldner, Pat Blem, Mary Craft, and Delleen Kompkoff. You can click on the picture to see who made each quilt.

Thank you to so many committed quilters who continue to support us by making quilts for children in need around the world!


Susan Schmidt   Northwest Regional Coordinator

Ethiopia 2016

January 23, 2017

In September 2016, Carla T., Julie N., Shad H. and I, Ann D. traveled to Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. Between the four of us and some previous travelers 270 quilts were taken to Ethiopia and waiting to be distributed to orphans.

After a couple days of acclimating to the new time zone and the altitude of 7,000+ feet, the three of us went to an orphanage called Sele Enat Mahiber.  sela-enat-mahiber-orphange

This orphanage houses around 70 children from birth to age 18.  Disabled children are also accepted and cared for here.  When we arrived, the babies were sleeping.  We placed the quilts on the sides of their cribs.  We noticed that some of the babies were wearing sweatshirts and jackets in their cribs.  The nannies dressed them in that manner to keep them warm.  The nannies had been praying for warm blankets for the babies.  The buildings are concrete block construction and no heaters are available.

As we tiptoed through the nursery, some of the babies began to awaken.  They have beautiful big brown eyes.  Such precious babies.

Thanks to many, many quilt makers the nannies’ prayers were answered.  The babies will sleep much better now with warm quilts to cover them.

The older children met us in a basketball court section of the orphanage.  They seemed excited and happy to receive a quilt of their very own.


After a wonderful day spent in this orphanage, we went on to Selamta.  This agency helps to support orphans in homes of 6 to 8 children with one or two moms.  The children are not necessarily related to each other, but do become like brothers and sisters.  The moms are not always the birth moms to the children either, but again, they become families.

Thanks to so many quilters with generous hearts many children will be warmer in Ethiopia.  We were blessed to be able to share with these children.  A big thank you goes out to each of you who helped to make this possible.

When we weren’t handing out quilts, we spent our time teaching six women to sew.  They are all “moms” for Selamta.  Someone donated three sewing machines to Selamta several years ago.  We were able to oil and clean the machines, teach the women how to do that, also and teach them how to sew.

They each made a pillow case with a flange and a cuff.  Not a simple job.  The women were excited to learn and learned quickly.  Eventually they want to start a business so they can be independent.  They also made a drawstring bag.  Another group of volunteers will teach them how to make soap.  The drawstring bags may be a way they can market the soap.

It was difficult to leave these beautiful women who were so eager to learn a new skill.  We were blessed by their cheerful attitudes and desire to learn.  Who knows, someday they may make their own quilts.

Ann Drake, Regional Coordinator in the Western US.

Quilts Sent to Ethiopia

January 19, 2017

If you know the history of QBB then you know that Ethiopia was the first country we delivered quilts to. It was exciting that the beautiful quilts below  traveled with QBB staff to Ethiopia this past September 2016. The children there are sure to cherish and love the quilts made by so many talented quilters. Seven of the quilts were made by Anya from MT, the Quirky Quilters, Janet McLeod, Ellen Janes, Brian Williams, Delleen Kompkoff, and Mary Fons. Yes that’s right, we are so grateful Mary Fons is sending a quilt for one of the children.

The remaining quilts were pieced by Donna Sciandra, Susan Schumacher, Louise Bird, June Berry, Carol Jean Hubbard, Sue Hunt, Theola Breaux, Karen Okerstrom, Leona Ross, Joan Callaghan, Bonnie Cromwell, Hong Chang, and Susan Schmidt. Our long arm group continues to grow and I am grateful for all of their help! The quilting was done by Robin Reilly, Mary Craft, Catherine Eith, Penny Evers, Kayleen Davis, Kim Walsh, Tomme Fent, Sherri Wallaert, Laural Hertel, Rhonda Adler, Heidi Oliver, Gerri Thompson, Pat (RFQ), and Becky Goldner. You can click on each picture to see who made the quilts.

Stay tuned because we will be posting about the trip to Ethiopia and some pictures from that trip.

Susan Schmidt   Northwest Regional Coordinator

More Quilts Sent to India

January 16, 2017

Finding an hour to sit at the sewing machine last summer was a challenge amid the house guests, gardens, grandchildren  and massive amounts of groceries. I hear our quilters say “I try to sew at least a little bit every day.” It’s not always easy. These pictures are a testimonial to  the dedication of the QBB quilters who work all year to “keep us in quilts.” The need is great, and ongoing. As the old saying goes, “Give a busy person the job.”

These quilts were also sent to Orphan Outreach in India, and were made by some of our more prolific volunteers; ladies who always seem to be able to find that extra hour, no matter what else is going on in their lives.  The quilters and piecers are as follows going from left to right:

Picture # 1 all made by Sheila Hughes.


Picture  #2 Pieced by Whitewright Texas Church of Christ, quilted by Karen Matheson

Pieced by Sherry, quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek

Pieced by Marsha Johnson, quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek



Picture #3 Pieced by Marsha Johnson, quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek

Made by Susan Elliott


Picture #4 Made by Barbra Buckley

Made by Donna Motyl


Karen Matheson, Regional Coordinator Northeast

Quilts Sent to India

January 12, 2017

It was off to India this past September 2016 for these quilts going to children living in orphanages there. The bright colors and patterns are sure to bring happiness and joy to little hearts. Five of the quilts below were made and quilted by the Quirky Quilters, Quilts for Christ Ministry, Delleen Kompkoff, and Ocean Shore Quilters. The remaining quilts were pieced by Castle Rock Quilters, Theola Breaux, Donna Phillipe, Judy Wood, Karen Okerstrom, June Berry, and Donna Sciandra. The long arm quilting was done by Annie O’Brien, Mary Craft, Jessica Newton, Becky Goldner, Laural Hertel, and Tomme Fent. Thanks to all these ladies for helping us reach children across the world and comforting them with a quilt. You can click on each picture to see who made it.


Susan Schmidt  Northwest Regional Coordinator