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More Pictures from Uganda — and Quilts Headed to Uganda, Syrian Refugees and the IQF

October 23, 2014

Photos from Uganda:

My cousin, Cindy Roth, has sent me more pictures from the delivery she and her church members made  to New Hope, Uganda, earlier this year.   The photographer asked Cindy to let us know that the students have been delighted to get these beautiful quilts, and send along their thanks to all the quilters who made them!

Uganda - New Hope 8   uganda - new hope 5Uganda - New Hope 7 Uganda - new hope 6

Quilts Headed to Uganda, Syrian Refugees, and the IQF:

We have another initiative currently underway to get more quilts to more children in Uganda to the Christ the Center Ministries Primary and Nursery School in Kampala, Uganda.  We are also working with two organizations to get quilts to children who are refugees from the war in Syria.  And in all our spare time (LOL!) we’re finalizing plans for our fundraising booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.   Each year, with the permission of the makers, we sell some beautiful quilts at the IQF.  We have no paid staff, and the money we get from the sale of quilts (and the products we bring back from our quilt delivery trips) goes entirely to getting quilts finished and delivered to the children.  Some of the quilts below will be going to Uganda, others to Syrian refugees, and others will be going to Houston.

Loretta, our Regional Coordinator in Tyler, Texas, recently sent me some great photos of bright and cheerful quilts made by the team of Carolyn Sower, Sharon Turvaville,and Lana Davis.  Great job, Ladies!  These are wonderful!




The following quilts were quilted by Jean Clarkson of the Mesquite Quilt Guild.  The quilts  pieced by Amy Bellany,  Mary Lou Stinson and MaryAnne Whitehead, are being sent to the school in Uganda.   The quilts pieced by Meral Fritchey and Judy Daniels are being shown at the Houston International Quilt Show as fundraiser quilts.   Whether in the US or abroad, some children are going to be very happy to cuddle under these lovely quilts!  Many thanks to the hands and hearts that provided these lovely quilts!



Finally, I have a group of lovely and unusual quilts that were sent to me by several different quilters from different places.   Some of these quilts will be sent to Uganda, others to Syria, and others will be going to the IQF as fundraising quilts.  Great thanks to Jeanne Ayers, Cathy in Iowa of the Sunshine Guild, Marilyn Barba (quilted by Kin Hum), Susan Seward (pieced by Mary Jean Morrison), Sharon Mitchell, Linda La Fleur, Ann S, Lynda Galloway, Jean McKay and Judith White.  Thank you, Ladies!

Ann S Cathy in Iowa - Sunshine Guild Jean McKay Jeanne Ayers 1 Jeanne Ayers 2 Jeanne Ayers 3 Judith White Linda LaFleur Lynda Galloway Marilyn Barba - Kin Hum Mary Jane Morrison - Susan Seward Sharon Mitchell 1 Sharon Mitchell 2

We are so grateful to all the quilters who so generously gave of their stashes, time and talent to make all of these beautiful quilts!  Thank you all!




Round Two by Theola

June 19, 2012

We have so many quilts and tops to show off these days. All of our quilters and toppers are amazing and very dedicated to QBB, and we thank each and everyone of you.

Below are the tops from box #2 created by Theola from Houston.

As usual Theola has outdone herself with these tops. They are sure to bring a smile to many children’s once they are quilted. Thank you, again, Theola. You are a blessing to QBB. – Jodi

Quilts Received at Shaping Destiny Orphanage in Cameroon

June 9, 2012

We just got pictures of the children at Shaping Destiny Orphanage in Cameroon, Africa receiving their quilts.  This orphanage is sponsored by Orphans 360.  You can get an idea about the orphanage from the Orphans 360 website or from this youtube video

Here is a picture of the beds in the orphanage.  You can’t see it, but this is a bunk bed and 4 children sleep on the bottom bunk and 4 on the top bunk.  You will see in some of the pictures that there are 2 children with one quilt, and one where there are 2 pictures with different children but the same quilt.

Those children share a bed and will be sharing the quilt since we weren’t able to get enough quilts for all the children in just one trip.  Dr. Kenneth Acha who was born and raised in Cameroon and who is the founder of Shaping Destiny Orphanage hand carried as many quilts as he could in his personal luggage on the trip he just made to the orphanage.  He wanted me to let you all know that the children are very grateful for the quilts.

The children look very happy with their quilts.  You will see a lot of older boys (don’t mistake the short hair as them all being boys) in the pictures which is an age group that is often overlooked as needing help.  I’m glad that we were able to help since they are experiencing their cold season in Cameroon right now.  I hope you see a quilt that you recognize as having a part in its making either as the piecer or quilter.  But, even if  you don’t, please enjoy the bright smiles on the children’s faces and know that you were part of putting it there.    Thank you to all of you and to Dr. Acha for bringing warmth and comfort to these children.



Quilts Headed to Burundi

May 25, 2012

Ginger Kauffman posted to her blog about some of the quilts she will be taking to Burundi with her when she leaves. The quilts will be among 300 which we are sending to Sister Connection’s kids camp, a camp that is run for the children of dispossessed widows in Burundi. To read more, and see the pictures of the quilts, please go to Ginger’s Blog:


A Team Effort: From Quilt Tops to Finished Product

May 3, 2012

Bruce and Martha Pouliot of Bow, NH, have quilted tops made by Richard and Martha Miller.

There are some really great quilting details, which I tried to capture in a couple of photos. The Finding Nemo quilt with aquatic quilting is particularly cute. The quilt with the bear blocks reminds me of a lot of Scandinavian textile designs, which I happen to love.

Thank you to the Millers and the Pouliots for creating these great quilt, which will surely delight the children who receive them.

Some more tops from Marilyn Barba

December 6, 2011

Marilyn appears to be a prolific quilters.  We have another batch of tops sent to us by Kim from Marilyn.  My thanks go out to both of these ladies for making the effort to brighten a child’s life.



Batik Beauty Received from Betty

June 28, 2011

Well, the weather is finally getting hot for the summer, and I’m spending every spare minute in my basement where I have my quilting studio set up. I’m trying to pull together about 50 quilts to take with me to Ethiopia in November.

Fortunately, I’m not doing it all alone. I often get help from my friends, Brenda and Cheryl. And my postman has been rather busy this month as well, bringing quilts and tops. I received one cute top from Lisa in Florida, which is on it’s way to a longarmer. Then I received 5 more wonderful tops from Donna in New York, which are in the process of being kitted up for sending to longarmers.

This week I received a very cute quilt from Betty in Missouri. Betty picked up some material for making it at the Houston International Quilt Festival in 2010, where we had a booth. Here’s a picture of that quilt:

Great thanks to Betty, Lisa and Donna for making my week! It’s so nice to open packages with the fruits of your labors and creativity! I know that the children who receive these lovely quilts will cherish them!

Readers, if there are some among you who have picked up kits from our booth in Houston to make tops, or if you’re among our longarmers and happen to have a pile of un-quilted tops waiting to be finished, or finished quilts hanging around waiting to be returned to us, take advantage of the opportunity to stay out of the summer heat and take the time to finish them up for us. We’d love to be able to take them with us when we go on our next trip to Ethiopia.

If you’re not sure where to send them, please contact me at and I’ll give you my address or the address of another volunteer who will be going with us.

Thanks very much!

Update on Quilt Dimensions

May 26, 2011

Please note that we are updating our Quilt Dimensions page. We are now asking that quilt tops donated to us be 42 x 60 inches. This size is best to fit the children’s beds and it eliminates the sorting and necessity of taking extra quilts to ensure we have enough of the various sizes. We’ve found over time that this is the best size for most of the children — big enough for the bigger kids and big enough for the little ones to have room to grow.

Quilt tops that we’ve received that are smaller than this will be modified to fit these dimensions. Completed quilts that we’ve received in smaller sizes may be donated to disaster relief efforts where the smaller sized are needed, (as we did after the earthquake in Haiti and the tsunami in Japan), or we may still take them to Ethiopia. But we are asking now that all future donated tops and quilts fit the 42 x 60 criteria.

Thanks very much for your attention to this change. And happy quilting!


Quilts received at Noreen’s in March

April 1, 2011

Thank you, Ladies.  We appreciate all of your hard work.

1 top            V Bridges,  Llantzville BC

2 tops          Celeste Z, Buffalo, NY

1 quilt           Jean W,  Olympia, WA

2 tops           Mc Alister,  San Antonio, TX

1 quilt and 2 tops            Merrily P, Houston TX

1 quilt             Susan H, Chester, NY

1 top               Audry M, Clayton, NC

3 quilts, pillow cases & baby quilt          Carol P,  Tynan TX

1 quilt                Margeret R, Waterloo, IL

New Tops and Quilts Received

March 13, 2011

Thank you to Kethsia, Letty and Rowena for these tops and quilts.  You ladies are awesome!  Thank you on behalf of the children who will received them along with the comfort and love that you sewed into them.