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Quilts, quilts, quilts…

October 4, 2012

Today I have two quilters to feature:

Quilter, Elizabeth Raach, from Austin, TX sends Quilts Beyond Borders a quilt every September. This is the fourth year to donate a quilt to the organization. She told me she has visited Uganda twice; therefore, she understands the need we as a volunteer organization are trying to fill. Elizabeth’s quilt is the lovely multi-colored hexes mixed with beautiful African-inspired prints. We are thankful for her dedication to QBB and look forward to receiving another quilt in the future.

Prolific longarmer Patti Obyc from Powell, OH has also sent us another beautiful round of quilts. Today we are featuring her lovely longarm work on tops made by Marsha A. Cribbs (patchwork with pink binding), DeDe Crawford (blue and cream), Sue Torre of the Willoughby Wallace Library Quilters, CT (pink and green floral large squares), Martha Miller (frogs), and Ginny Hurt (patchwork with blue trim).

We are thankful to both Elizabeth and Patti for their time and dedication to Quilts Beyond Borders. Have a lovely Thursday evening! – Jodi


Quilts from Ohio

September 8, 2012

Patti Obyc, of Powell, OH, has once again quilted and bound some fun tops for our cause. And, as always, they look beautiful.

Quilt Line-up:
1. Red and white checked with red border- top maker unknown; quilted by Patti
2. tie-dye border with multi-colored circles within black squares- top pieced by Carol Grant; quilted by Patti
3. gradations of blue in ladder form with sea-inspired prints- top by Carolyn Sower; quilted by Patti

Many thanks go out to Patti for doing such beautiful work. These quilts will surely make their recipients happy. – Jodi

Quilts Received at Shaping Destiny Orphanage in Cameroon

June 9, 2012

We just got pictures of the children at Shaping Destiny Orphanage in Cameroon, Africa receiving their quilts.  This orphanage is sponsored by Orphans 360.  You can get an idea about the orphanage from the Orphans 360 website or from this youtube video

Here is a picture of the beds in the orphanage.  You can’t see it, but this is a bunk bed and 4 children sleep on the bottom bunk and 4 on the top bunk.  You will see in some of the pictures that there are 2 children with one quilt, and one where there are 2 pictures with different children but the same quilt.

Those children share a bed and will be sharing the quilt since we weren’t able to get enough quilts for all the children in just one trip.  Dr. Kenneth Acha who was born and raised in Cameroon and who is the founder of Shaping Destiny Orphanage hand carried as many quilts as he could in his personal luggage on the trip he just made to the orphanage.  He wanted me to let you all know that the children are very grateful for the quilts.

The children look very happy with their quilts.  You will see a lot of older boys (don’t mistake the short hair as them all being boys) in the pictures which is an age group that is often overlooked as needing help.  I’m glad that we were able to help since they are experiencing their cold season in Cameroon right now.  I hope you see a quilt that you recognize as having a part in its making either as the piecer or quilter.  But, even if  you don’t, please enjoy the bright smiles on the children’s faces and know that you were part of putting it there.    Thank you to all of you and to Dr. Acha for bringing warmth and comfort to these children.



Quilts Headed to Burundi

May 25, 2012

Ginger Kauffman posted to her blog about some of the quilts she will be taking to Burundi with her when she leaves. The quilts will be among 300 which we are sending to Sister Connection’s kids camp, a camp that is run for the children of dispossessed widows in Burundi. To read more, and see the pictures of the quilts, please go to Ginger’s Blog:


A Team Effort: From Quilt Tops to Finished Product

May 3, 2012

Bruce and Martha Pouliot of Bow, NH, have quilted tops made by Richard and Martha Miller.

There are some really great quilting details, which I tried to capture in a couple of photos. The Finding Nemo quilt with aquatic quilting is particularly cute. The quilt with the bear blocks reminds me of a lot of Scandinavian textile designs, which I happen to love.

Thank you to the Millers and the Pouliots for creating these great quilt, which will surely delight the children who receive them.

Tops and Quilts received at IQF

November 14, 2011

I’ve received a couple of calls wondering if we received the quilts/tops delivered to our booth at IQF.  The maker was unable to attend in person and just wanted confirmation that we got the quilts/tops.  So, below is the list of tops, quilts and tops with backs that we received.  Thank you all so much for your generosity.  I will be posting pictures over the next couple of weeks as I get time in my schedule.


IQF 2011
Qty From
2 A friend in Houston
1 Amy Garcia
1 Andrea Nelson & Colleen Anderson
5 Ann Strautman
1 Annalee Smith, Plano, TX
7 Anon
1 Bridget
2 Charlotte Miller
2 Clare
1 Corina Q
2 Donna Hart
1 Donna Pyle
1 Ellen Campos
3 Jane Sanders
1 Joyce Holmes
1 Joyce Milles
1 Kelli Thompson
1 Kim McEuen
4 Linda Sabins
 3 Martha Miller quilted by Sharon Wilt
4 Lynda Young
1 Marsha Cribbs
1 Christine Christoffersen
1 Mylena Zimmerman
4 Richard Miller
1 Ruthy Sarikas
2 Sandy Grimes
6 Sara Hernandez
1 Shirley Simpson
2 Stella
1 Tracy Williams
7 Mary Jane Morrison, quilted by Sue Seward
 1  Karen Vander Stoep
 1 Donna Sciandra
Tops & Backs
Qty From
3 DeDe Cranford
6 Martha & Richard Miller
1 Liz Clark
3 Anne-Marie Moore
Qty From
3 A Friend in Houston, TX
1 Ahna Hubick
1 Amy Garcia
1 Janet Guarino
1 Anon
1 Benji’s Bubbe
1 Bisthia
5 Carolina Boulangher, Houston, TX
1 Deamentina & Ericka & Endino
1 Debora Janis
6 DeDe Cranford
3 Donna Sciandra
1 Donna Sciandra, sponsored by Jace Bunkerhoff
1 Geraldine Clark
1 Ginny Hurt
1 Ginny Jones
11 Hong Ying Chang
2 Isabel Adams
2 Jan in TX
2 Janet
1 Jayne Davis
7 Jazz Paz
3 Jeanne Whittle
5 Linda W. Rodge
4 Liz Clark
4 Lori Brans
2 Marcia Karns
3 Marsha A Cribbs
4 Myrna Ley Baccus
1 Paula Park
1 Peggy
1 Rachel Williams
2 Rebecca Overcash
2 Rhonda Carson
4 Rose Wilson, Tyler, TX
1 Rosalva Reye-Hada
1 Rosemary Boros
1 Ruth Blakely
2 Sallie & Julie Whiteside
1 Sharon
2 Susan Smith
1 Svetlana Sandimirova, Moscow, Russia
4 Virginia Lopez
1 Winnila Dailey

Some interesting pictures

September 15, 2011

Fekade sent a link to where Door of Hope Humanitarian Services has posted some pictures on Picasa.  The quilt picture is a repeat of one we have already seen, but some of the other pictures show children which I swear are younger pictures of some of the children who received quilts.  Look in the album called “Dedicated Founders of the organization” to see those pictures.  Here is the link

Then there are some pictures posted on their facebook site.  Some of these pictures are also ones we have already seen, but there are three new ones.  You might even see a quilt that you made!

And, just a little tidbit, Sep 11 was the start of the Ethiopian new year.  If anybody knows Ahmaric  this is what Fekade called it,  “Meskerm 1” the first day of the year.

Take care,


Cute, bright tops from Mylaka

September 11, 2011

Today we are featuring several very colorful and cheerful tops received from Mylaka.   These tops are very fun and will definitely brighten the children’s rooms and their lives.  Thank you, Mylaka for making and donating these tops.  Sorry for my wonky pictures on some of them.

More Quilts to Children

September 10, 2011

Fekade with Door of Hope Humanitarian Service sent some more pictures.  These are children on the outskirts of Addis Ababa in the subcity of Lafto.  These children are living with family and not in orphanages.  Ethiopia has been trying to reduce the number of children in orphanages and trying to keep the children with family even if it is extended family.  Unfortunately, there seems to be resources that are available to orphanages, but not to individual families.  You can see by the children in the picture that the children don’t seem to be as well dressed as the children from the orphanages.  I’m happy that we can provide quilts to those children.  And, when I was in Ethiopia, the people there told me that these quilts will be considered prize possessions of the children.

These pictures are very special to me.  You see, we all make these quilts and then we let them go.  As volunteers, we don’t know exactly where they will end up, but we hope that the life of the child who receives them is brighten by the gift of the quilt.  We don’t get pictures of all of the quilts that are delivered, and I’m sure that we all look hard at the pictures we do get hoping to see one of the quilts that we made.  Well, I have made well over 100 quilts, and I finally had the pleasure of seeing a child wrapped in a quilt that I had a large part in making.  I cut the kit that we handed out at the Houston International Quilt Festival, somebody else sewed the top (and if you are the person, please let me know), and the top was returned to me and I quilted it.  That adorable little boy in the 4th picture is wrapped in that quilt.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I hope you all have this same experience of seeing one of your quilts wrapped around some child halfway around the world knowing that you are putting a little love in their life.


Donations from, Natalie, DeDe, Ida

August 25, 2011

   Natalie made this beautiful quilt.  The play of light and dark colors makes it especially interesting.  The child who receives it will love tracing the pattern of the triangles. Thanks, Natalie, on behalf of the child who receives this quilt.






DeDe made this top which turned out adorable and already looks very cozy.    This is the 9th top that DeDe has made for the orphans this year.  She also sent a big box of fabric that had been gifted to her and she gifted it to QBB.  The fabric is very welcome as we always need backs.  Thanks, DeDe for your continuing support.  We really appreciate it.




Ida who also sent us fabric this year and last, and sent 2 tops with the most recent boxes of fabric.









In addition to the fabric, Ida sent strips of patches already sewn.  All I had to do was join all the strips together.  The batik below is just one of the tops that was made with the strips.  All three of these tops are super cute.  Once they get quilted up, they will make some children warm and happy.  Thank you, Ida, for helping out our children.









Enjoy the pictures.