Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts Roll In

In recent weeks I have received three beautiful FQC quilts. Two were from Mary B. of Massachusetts and one was from Kathleen R. of North Carolina.
Thank you for the two beautiful quilts, Mary. They are of such different moods and both are so pretty. Two unique children will enjoy these cuddly quilts.
MaryB.FQC1           MaryB.FQC2
Another unique child will love this colorful quilt submitted by Kathleen R.  IRL these star centers just sparkle! Thank you, Kathleen.
Let’s keep those quilts rolling in! You might win a prize, but… it’s the kids who are the real winners.
Carol Egan
FQC Coordinator

3 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts Roll In

  1. We can provide receipts, but we use Goodwill’s approach of letting the donor specify the value of the donation. We don’t know if you used fabric costing $15 per yard or something in your stash that cost you $3 years ago. If it’s quilted, we don’t know if you paid a longarmer to do it for you, and we don’t know the value of what you put into it. Therefore, we think it’s best for you to calculate the value based upon the costs that went into it. So our receipts are provided without us filling in the values so you can fill it in.

    • Thanks for the information. I have a bunch of tops in the hopper. Haven’t figured out how to get them quilted yet.

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